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Nov 16, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 8924

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Tractor Pull


Tractor Pull Description

Hook your tractor to the sled and give it a pull. Pull like a pro pulling the sled down the track against 9 of the top pulling leagues around the world. Or put up your bank roll against your friends and pull for the money.

Pull the sled for distance, pull the sled for accuracy or pit power against power in all out tug of war.

Rev up the tractor to get your turbo boost spun and engine warm then slowly, but quickly, drop the clutch and let it rip.

Drag the sled over 300 feet to get a full pull and win the tournament.

Get cash to buy more tractors, while upgrading your tractor to win events.

Challenge friends from your contacts to a pull. Hustle em and take their cash.

Drive up your bankroll and buy more tractors, upgrade tractors to win more events.

Master race classes and pick up a sponsor.

Get all 45 vehicles including all the best tractors, monster vans, tanks, ATVs, lawn tractors, trucks, classic tractors, diesels and more.

Pull in top pulling leagues around the globe including the BTPA, ETPC, and OSTPA and 6 other real world pulling leagues. Grab the gold in all the cities and leagues.
Challenge your Facebook friends to a pull and bet in game cash.

Fix any damage you cause in the garage, a damaged tractor doesn't run as well.

Don't blow up your is expensive.

Easy to play tough to master.

Have Fun.

How do I pull?
1. Slide the gas (right) down.
2. Get engine in peak temperature
3. Let the clutch (left) up

Why cant I get a good pull?
> Make sure you're giving full gas (right) to 100%
> Dont ride the clutch (left) let it up 100%
> Additional turbos need more time to reach full boost

vs" mode
How do I challenge?
1. Touch the "vs" icon to get to the "vs" menu.
Note: If you've been challenged the slots could be full.
2. Touch one of the "+" icons to get the "friends" menu.
3. Touch on "ok" next to your opponent.
4. On "vs" menu touch "set wager" to increase bet.
5. Touch the waving flag to start your pull.
6. Set the sled weight using arrows.
7. Pull.
8. Wait for Facebook friend to pull or decline the game.

I have no friends
1. On "vs" menu touch the + icon
2. Login in to Facebook (if not done already)
3. Touch "scan" to go to "scan" menu
4. Let the system scan
5. When it stops touch "friends"
6. Touch "ok" to challenge a friend

No Friends after scan
> None of your Facebook friends play Tractor Pull

I know my Facebook friend plays Tractor Pull
> Your friend never entered "vs" mode in Tractor Pull"

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Google Play Comments

UnbeatableHave completed every event except the last one on the Modified circuit. The weight penalty is too high. It's impossible to beat even fully upgraded with the hottest tractor.
Greatwhy is there no ford trucks up grades don't really matter and the higher levels u go its the same distance u pull don't seem any harder as u go up in levels it needs a goal something to work at plus I can use the Alice for every class and I had 500000 dollars and it all disappeared
Freezes my phoneThis game good but every time go go to practice to get some cash to upgrade and then I have got around 3-8 thousand then it crashes and freeze my phone and I loss the money I have got and even does it when in pull an losses the 1-5k thatvi payed to pull

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