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Jul 27, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 42582

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Tom's Messenger


Tom's Messenger Description

Get the funniest messaging app ever!

Send awesome video messages to your friends & family as one of the Talking Friends characters. You can choose to be Talking Tom, Ben, Angela, Gina, Pierre or Ginger.

Record a short video and then send it as a text message (SMS), Facebook message, KakaoTalk message etc.

You can also share your video by posting it on Facebook or Twitter.

This app is perfect for sending messages you would otherwise be too shy to say in person, like apologize to someone, profess love or sing a song... You can even create your own funny video story.

Tom's Messenger is by far the easiest and fastest way to send a message... You don't even need to type!

✔ Choose the talking friend you want to be (Tom, Ben, Angela, Gina, Pierre or Ginger.).
✔ Make your own background photo or choose one of the beautifully designed cartoon backgrounds.
✔ Equip your characters with accessories like hats, sunglasses, microphones...

★★★ HOW TO USE ★★★
✔ Select the character you want to send the message with.
✔ Shop & equip your characters up with accessories.
✔ Select a background or use your own photo.
✔ Record a message by pressing the big red camera button.
✔ Send or Share the video with your friends, family and loved ones.

✔ Some characters are only available through in-app purchase.
✔ Accessories are available if you purchase them with gold coins.
✔ You are rewarded with gold coins if you use the app frequently (every 24 hours).
✔ If you want to share your video on Twitter, you have to have one of the following apps installed: TwitVid, Seesmic, Twicca, UberSocial.
✔ If you receive an offensive video message, please report it here:

PLEASE NOTE: When running the app for the first time you will be required to download additional 6-19 MB to get the best graphics quality for your device.

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Google Play Comments

FunThis is a fun way to chit chat. But, downloading is slow.. Other than that I have had a blast sending these msgs
So FunnyWhen you can download video it is the funniest app i have EVER seen...lately unable to text it and do not understand why? Sad.... keeps saying unable to download.......please fix asap so my friends and i can go back to srnding funny messages....... thanks for a great app..... would b a 6 if it was eorking again.....
Samsung galaxy s3Major problem with sending via message...cant access contacts..major fail. Now trouble sending to facebook too. Great ap if you fix all the bugs.

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