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Tiki Golf 3D

Insane Mini Golf in full 3D! Ramps, mega power boosts, moving platform bongos, giant dartboard targets, huge hammers, loop-de-loops, pipes, pineapples and more! Exotic vibrant courses that have the iconic mini golf appeal but feel more like water park rides than typical putt courses. Multiple play modes that keep you coming back for more."Tiki Golf 3D carries itself well, thanks to good graphics, imaginative settings, a sophisticated physics engine, and great audio." -- www.macworld.com You are Tiki Bobby and all your prize artifacts have been taken by the Tiki gods Lono and Kahuna. You must travel to their worlds and prove yourself in extreme mini golf to earn them back!! Navigate jumps, bumps and humps in a wacky land of skill, thrills and fun.
3 Playable modes; Super Putt Putt minigolf, Pineapple Adventure and Time Trial!
Online Leader Boards that will display your Rank worldwide no matter what place you are, so you can track your skills as you improve.
2 Unlockable Difficulties
2 Worlds; Lono's Beach and an unlockable Kahuna's Volcano
18 primary minigolf holes 19 alternate holes
Special control options allow you to drive the ball like a race car using the AccelerometerCheck our other games out
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