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Apr 22, 2011
2.1 and up
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The Earth Earth Search


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Voice of the Earth will find all the signs of tampering. = Warning = map (Google Maps) are supported. Daum Naver maps and the map does not support. In a lot of applications installed on the map to select a menu application that the people who come out of the map (Google Maps) Please select the defaults. = Usage = 1. Click the button and then click the Word says, then where you would like to find. (Eg, the Netherlands, Argentina, France, Eiffel Tower, or anything that can be so much more.) 2. Locate on the map where the location is displayed. Earth is available anytime, anywhere around the world. When these situations, we recommend using = = 1. Narajung of children around the world show a country where sipeulttae (Education) 2. Wondering when the world is a place (such as the Eiffel Tower, France) = NOTE = 1. Internet-enabled is arraigned. 2. When do you use the Applications menu if it comes up as the default for this task, check with your map (Google Maps) Please select. Daum Naver maps and maps you accidentally set by default If you have one. Preferences 2. An application 3. Daum is set as the default in the application management while in the map, erasing the default action if you press the re-run the application is improving ^ ^ information, complaints, etc. Users must embrace the opinion of those. Please show your opinion I'll give you a quick update. Installation specifications, Android 2.1 or higher. Google Voice Search, Google Maps application to use the library.
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