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Dec 14, 2012
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The A3 Creator


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The A3 is a tool and thought process to identify and solve problems, build strategies, and plan projects. The A3 process originated at Toyota and plays a major role in the Toyota Production System and lean management. Designed to get all the important facts and thoughts on to one page, the A3 process drives a consensus of the current state, and where to go next.
Some A3 thinkers use a traditional pencil and paper to create A3s others create them with their computers. The A3 Creator app was developed to take advantage the capabilities of tablets, where you can use a stylus as a pencil to create an electronic A3. You don’t need a stylus, you can just type or use your finger to draw.
A3 thinking is more than just populating a template. It’s about the thinking and communication needed to create an A3. This app allows the user or users (A3s are best created with a group), to type, draw, take pictures, and import graphics to create an A3.
Expert help is build right into this app. John Shook, CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute and Toyota’s first American kacho (manager) in Japan, walks you through each part of the A3 process. Additional tips are also available from other A3 experts as well.
You can also submit your A3 to the A3 dojo. There your A3 can be viewed by A3 sensei and the Lean Community who can offer you feedback and continue your learning and development.
Additional templates will be made available throughout the year.

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