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May 01, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 2.5
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Text Bo-Bomb PRO 2.0


Text Bo-Bomb PRO 2.0 Description

Text Bo-Bomb - Bomb your friends in less than a second!Text Bo-Bomb is a nice and easy way to send SMS messages to others. It takes just three simple clicks to send custom saved messages to a selected contact.- Classic version of the app has been added! You can now type in a contact number and message and send it off from the second tab!- The app is set up as two lists, one for contacts and one for messages. Users can select and save contacts from their phone in the contacts list, and save custom messages in the messages list. Then, the user simply selects a contact, a message, and hits the send bo-bomb button to send off a SMS message to that contact. - Message and contacts can also be added through the menu.- Contacts and be removed from the list by long-clicking and selecting remove contact. Messages can be edited / removed the same way.- You can store as many / as few contacts and messages as you choose. Messages must be under 160 characters long. - Selected contact and message show up as highlighted so you can easily see who and what message is being delivered.- A notification pops up after sending to notify you that the message has been delivered successfully.- This app was not created to harm user data or devices, or to flood users with large numbers of SMS messages. The developer does NOT recommend using this app to send large numbers of texts to others. Please use responsibly!!
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