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Jan 13, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 17

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Teacher's Class BEHAVIOR PRO


Teacher's Class BEHAVIOR PRO Description

Record behaviors all around the world! Designed for teachers, yet can be used by anyone, Teacher’s Class BEHAVIOR helps you record behaviors/actions throughout the day. All of the following is provided:• Now with a TABLET view setting!
• Create a list of students/children or any group to be monitored
• Organize your students into individual classes
• Use the default behaviors/actions or edit them to your needs
• Differentiate between good and bad behaviors
• Record behaviors by simply tapping a button next to a name
• Review recorded behaviors in a daily log
• Each daily log will contain the name, behavior, and time
• Review saved logs for weeks
• Email yourself saved logsThis application can be used by anyone. Teacher’s Class BEHAVIOR can be used by teachers with poorly behaved students, classrooms with a reward system for good behavior, daycare center instructors, parents who want to implement a behavior management system, and even tracking actions in an office environment!NOTE: KEKABE DEVELOPMENTS IS A VERY HUMBLE ONE MAN SHOP TRYING TO ASSIST TEACHERS. OTHER COMPETING DEVELOPERS WILL GIVE MY APPS 1 STAR RATINGS. IF YOU LIKE MY APPS, PLEASE PROVIDE A FAVORABLE RATING. THANK YOU!!!

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Worth the money!I'm happy time say this is the first application I've ever purchased on the market. It's a life saver at home and in school. It allows me to keep track of the children's behavior.
This is ExcellentThis is one of the easies apps to use when monitoring behaviors! You can customize the behaviors when you by the 99 cents version ( It's more than worth it.) If you are a clinician in a school, you can use this to collect data about a student. You can transfer the data to a tool like the BOSS and graph your data to present in a staff meeting. You can observe a target student against an on task student, with the multiple student mode. This is what you want: easy set up, quick recording and inexpensive. Clinicians/counselors, GET THIS! You won't regret it. :-)
Great toolOur ancient computers are far too slow to be used to moniter behaviour. This app is amazing for tracking behaviour. Suggestions: more classes (10), more behaviour logs per day (75), an export to text function, import/export class lists, detailed reports for individuals over time. Thanks for this so far! Looking forward to updates

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