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Aug 03, 2011
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 5
Rating: 2

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Tap-Tap Rockets


Tap-Tap Rockets Description

Blasting asteroids has never been so fun and challenging !

A gigantic asteroid field is drifting through space threatening all planets in the system! Use your rockets to destroy as many asteroids as possible before they collide with any planets. The gameplay is really simple :

- Select a planet around which your rockets are gravitating and press the Fire button at the right time to launch each rocket straight towards the asteroids to destroy them.

- You get points for every asteroid destroyed. Fire perfect volleys of shots (without losing any rockets into space) for progressively higher bonuses.

- Shoot the UFOs crossing through space for various bonuses and useful power-ups as the pace of the game quickens.

- To beat the high scores and unlock other game levels, you'll have to aim accurately and most of all, last as long as possible against the asteroid shower that becomes steadily more intense.

- Join friends and fellow gamers on OpenFeint to challenge them and stand a chance of ranking amongst the world's best players!

Tap-Tap-Rockets is a truly riveting skill-testing game featuring a very original, extremely simple gameplay concept, 27 levels of increasing difficulty, as well as different bonuses and useful power-ups to collect. Very easy at the beginning, the pace of the game progressively accelerates to offer a genuine challenge for all gamers who like competing for the high score !

*** Press Reviews ***

"Tap Tap Rockets brings some asteroid blasting fun to Android (...) If you are looking for a neat little game that has simple controls but increasingly difficult gameplay that will, eventually, really challenge your aiming skills then you might want to give Tap Tap Rocket a shot."

*** WARNING ***

The game may crash or display a white screen on some precise models of Samsung Galaxy S2 (and probably a few other devices). We're currently working to fix that problem but if you encounter that problem, please help us by sending us your smartphone model along with the OS version to : Thanks!

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Google Play Comments

Fun, very Addictive!Started with the lite version soon to buy this gem. Can't stop playing it!
Frederic D
Excellent game! Shooting asteroids in outer space is really relaxing! 

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