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Nov 10, 2012
3.0 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 18

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Tablet Voice - VoIP Phone


Tablet Voice - VoIP Phone Description

Tablet Voice - Make and receive VoIP phone calls over WiFi with your Google Voice account and your Android Tablet!Tablet Voice uses your WiFi,3G,4G data connection to place and receive Google Voice VoIP calls. All you need is the "Tablet Voice" app, a data connection(Wireless or Mobile) and a free Google Voice account. Tablet Voice transforms your Android phone or tablet into a free wireless phone when used over WiFi/Wireless in the USA and Canada! Google Voice is currently free to place calls to the U.S. & Canada. Please visit to create a free Google Voice account and to get your free phone number.Note: To use 3G, 4G you must enable it in the settings of Tablet Voice. This can be costly if you don't have unlimited data. Please verify that your cell carrier allows VoIP data traffic before enabling this option. This app uses ~1.2 MB per minute during a call.Disclaimers: Google Voice is a product of Google, Inc. and "Tablet Voice" is not in any way affiliated or endorsed by Google Inc.
WARNING: Google Voice does not support 911 or any other type of emergency calls!If you have any suggestions or issues please contact:
androidtouchdev [at] Frequently Asked Questions:1.) Is this a simple callback app?
Answer: No, this is a pure VoIP(Voice over IP) calling app that communicates directly without any additional latency. You DO NOT need a SIP client or callback app to place and receive calls. 2.) Is this designed for an Android tablet?
Answer: Yes, Tablet Voice will enable your Android tablet to place and receive calls. It will work with WiFi only tablets too.3.) I'm not receiving incoming calls. Help!?
Answer: To receive incoming calls you must enable 'Google chat' as one of your phones to ring in your Google Voice settings.4.) My tablet has a 3G/4G data connection but I can't login or place calls like I can when using WiFi.
Answer: To use 3G,4G you must enable this in the settings. Only wireless is allowed by default. As noted above, mobile data can be costly if you don't have unlimited data. Please verify that your cell carrier allows VoIP data traffic before enabling this option on your tablet. This application uses ~1.2 MB per minute during a call.5.) I get an audio error message(female voice) while trying to place a call that says "call cannot be completed". Can you help me?Answer: This is a known problem and can usually be fixed by doing the following from a desktop or laptop computer:Log in to and verify that you have a chat/phone call widget in the lower left corner. If you do please try placing a call test call from gmail. If you don’t see the chat/phone call talk widget in gmail please visit the following link: you successfully place a call from then go to the settings in Tablet Voice then click the back menu button. This just makes sure that you re-login and is required after the fix above.6.) I have some other issue or a suggestion. Help!
Answer: Please email androidtouchdev [at] gmail.comThank you!

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Nexus 7/Bluetooth not working for meBasic phone works OK. Call quality varies. Sometimes quits without warning. My main problem is that I can't get it properly use a Bluetooth headset. I don't have this problem with any other app. Can't really use a tablet phone app in most settings without a headset.
Works Great!!!Using on Nexus 7, works great, no issues, well worth the $$$
I want my money back!Every time I used it I needed to reboot the device to make a subsequent call - - what a waste of time! Lots of little irritations. Use of the directory a complete waste of time - you have to scroll through every name. Sound Quality terrible - everyone complained of echo, lags and cutoffs.

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