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Sep 04, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 40

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SynerGV- Google Voice™ SMS/Mgr


SynerGV- Google Voice™ SMS/Mgr Description

SynerGV is an application that connects your Android phone or tablet to your Google Voice™ account, presenting a tablet-optimized and phone-capable interface to SMS and the most common Google Voice™ functions for calling and account management.SynerGV is primarily built as a SMS text-messaging application, for which it continuously receives high regards amongst it's users on several platforms.While it does have the ability to place calls using the standard Google Voice™ call forwarding schemes, that
is not it's primary purpose - but it does do it well, allowing you to use any phone configured in your Google Voice™ account settings.Quickly and easily navigate to any of the various message boxes that Google Voice™ provides-- all 13 of them -- and choose a range of messages to see, even going years back, if you would like, without having to scroll to the bottom of the list and get it to continuously load 10 more items every time it reaches the bottom.Quickly search your entire Google Voice™ archive, by tapping the "Search" box above the list of messages, and entering in a search term. Pages containing all messages that contain that search term will appear.SynerGV does not provide an interface that is obviously just a telephone sized old-school list re-scaled to fit your tablet. It does provide a modern touch-screen, tablet-optimized and phone-capable interface.Virtually anything that you see on your screen with SynerGV running can be either tapped or held (long pressed) to generate some kind of an action. For example: Tapping on a message text, or holding on that message's header in the message list, will bring up a menu of available actions.When there's a message in the default Overview display, just tap it to bring up a menu of things you can do with / to that particular message. Same thing goes for your contacts, and virtually everything else on the display.SynerGV does NOT provide a way to make telephone calls via WiFi for free. If you need to be able to do that, go look up GrooVeIP, GVoice, or any other app that allows you to connect with Google Talk. SynerGV is not intended to be the greatest looking Google Voice™ app in the market, but it is intended to do what it does very well. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have writing it :)Things that are not quite working properly yet:Tapping notifications does not do anything. I hope to have this solved in the near future.We want to be able to download voicemail files to the device for direct playback, rather than going through a proxy to load them via Flash. Google Chrome users -- Also look for SynerGV in the Chrome App Store!!

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No notificationsNeed to know when I receive texts. Does no good seems like a waste of the money I spent. Using a galaxy S3
A Good StartThis is the very first fully featured Google Voice SMS alternative. I applaud this effort and look forward to more updates from the developer. Thank you for this much needed application! With that said there are a number of issues that need to be improved. 1. Most importantly the application constantly crashes on my Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean. 2. Sluggish performance. The app is very slow moving between tabs. 3. Settings. There is no way to adjust any settings at all! (Seems as though it was not designed with software buttons in mind). 4. Cant figure out how to make voice calls from the app. (Ideally this would integrate with the stock dialer to prompt for calls just like GrooveIP does) 5. Aesthetically the app could use a face lift. Its obvious that a lot of code has gone into this app! However this is muted by the fact that the visual design of the app needs work. I would be more than happy to donate towards making this happen. Once these issues are worked out this app will be a legitimate alternative to Google Voice. Until then it is better than nothing for those of us looking for a Google Voice SMS app for a secondary number.
Nice interface but no widget????It's a decent interface, but why is there no widget for it??

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