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Mar 14, 2013
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
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Super Internet Booster ++


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*Pro Version*No Root Needed!*
FINALLY A SIMPLE INTERNET OPTIMIZER THAT ALREADY KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITHOUT ANY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! ONE - STOP - INTERNET CONNECTION - SHOP!Literally The Only All In One Internet & Data Connection Super Booster / Optimizer with ALL important information and ALL Optimizing Options! *NEWEST**ENTIRE APP UPGRADE!!!**
*22 NEW Internet/Connection Optimizations Added! (Superboost option 2)
*Hotspot Feature Has Password Option (types of Hotspot coming soon!)
*Entire Interface Upgrade! (New Look, New Feel, New Power!)
**New Buttons- Wifi Toggle, Airplane Toggle, Bluetooth Toggle
**New Info-
***Internet(Down Bytes, Up Bytes) & Bandwidth/Current Connection Speed!
***Connection Type (Wifi, 3g, Edge, GPRS, etc) & Status
***Device ID (Coming Soon : IP Address, and a lot more!)
**Connect to Closest Towers
**Get Best Possible Signal
**SuperBoost Your ENTIRE Data Connection & Internet!
**Now control your ENTIRE internet!This App was created for those who want to increase their internet and browser Speeds AND Signal to all new levels with brand new technologies! Speed up your browser, or your music downloading, or just scroll through the market and get apps faster! We target internet boosting at its core and get deep into the system to get true optimizations of every aspect of browsing, not just one of them! You will immediately notice an increase in your browsing (as well as an increase of speed over time) and we have included WiFi control, opening internet control,and clean history/temp files/caches as well! Remember to rate us 5 stars if you like us and check out our other optimizing apps to really get the FULL potential of your Android phone! *NEW*-Android Hotspot/Tethering Option now available! Turn your phone's connection into a wireless modem to connect to from your laptop after you've super boosted the connection speeds!(Don't worry, clean cache button is still in the menu, so you haven't lost anything with this addition :) (IMPORTANT - This Hotspot Accesses The Feature Already In Your Phone! As Of Now, It will Not Create One From Absolutely Nothing. (Thus Far 2% Of Phones Report It Not Working) If Your Signal Seems To Not Come Back To Normal, Simply Press "Boost Signal" To Return it To Original State!) Remember, This App is a CONNECTION BOOSTER! The Hotspot is a bonus! While It WILL support ALL phones soon, there is a tiny fraction having issues still. We're Very Sorry! (If it never worked before, this may not work yet!)What you CAN Do (Root NOT Needed!):
*SuperBoost Your Connection Settings With ALL NEW Technology NOT found anywhere else!
*SuperBoost Your Signal Immediately for newest and absolute best and most optimized signal!
*Control Wifi - quickly turning on and off
*Turn your phone into a mobile wireless router / hotspot and connect to your data plan with unlimited computers!
*Clean up your caches after your done
*Automatically syncs your entire phone!
*Much more now, and much more to come!!It's just that easy ;)**Technology**(Under the hood)
**Optimized TCP local port Range
**Optimized keepalive time
**Optimized tcp rw reuse( and recycle )
**Optimized tcp Max tw buckets
and more!Remember fans, as usual, this app will run alright on a non-rooted phone, however we fully recommend running the super booster++ with a ROOTED ANDROID PHONE PLEASE. IF you do not know what rooting is, simply Google "how to root (your phone model)". It is fully worth it and there are some really easy ways to get the job done nice and quickly for a lot of phones.Thanks everyone and as always~Your Personal Android Developers,
AnDroid Team XPS: We Took out a lot of Ads just for you guys, but not all of them. We all know that ads are like that cousin nobody wants but we still have to invite them to dinner on Holidays. Thanks for your support we know you understand!

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