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Aug 11, 2011
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.6
Rating: 7

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Super Duper Data Tracker


Super Duper Data Tracker Description

Spend more time treating and less time tracking with this easy to use app! The Super Duper® Data Tracker lets you document and monitor your student’s progress using your Android phone or tablet. Simply organize your students into groups. Then enter your student’s names and even their goals. Track incorrect and correct responses discretely and efficiently.

Use the default labels (e.g., “Group 1” or “Player 1”) for quick data collection, or customize the labels by adding a group name, student name, goal, or other information. When you’re ready to begin taking data, simply tap the red or green button to score a student’s response as correct or incorrect. The Data Tracker calculates the percentage of correct responses automatically.

When your session is over, send the results to any email address. Data collection has never been this easy or accurate!

* track unlimited students
* add unlimited groups
* customize student and group names
* store customized information
* add, delete, and rearrange groups and students
* email results
* clear data with the press of a button
* video tutorial available

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Google Play Comments

Great App BUT...Pro's: keeps data for right/wrong answers, which for progress reporting is fine b/c I only report to the parents the % accuracy which is calculated in the program automatically. Easy to switch from student to student. On my Samsung Galaxy Tablet "7 inch", the screen is more than big enough to see what you are doing. If anything, I am keeping data, which is a BIGGIE where I work. I have been dubbed the "data queen" heehee! So I am constantly looking for the best way to keep data. Con's: I use an android so it is obvious that I do not have the wonderful tools the iPad version has. You cannot undo data you accidentally put in wrong. When adding goals, I had to insert all the students names on the first page, and when you go to their second page you have to input ALL the goals on that page. It would be helpful if there was a third page so that under a goal such as "Can ID functional/survival signs/words with 80% accuracy by....." I could insert the words working on on page three. Also, the android version does not have multiple choices for keeping data. It's just right (green button/wrong (red button). If i want to see progress from day to day I have to individually email the data ...
Want the Better Version!I love this app and use it for taking data on all of my students, but would like the Android version to be updated like the iPhone version!
NeedsBasic application. Does what it says. Nothing extremely special but excited to use it with students. Pain to use on phone.

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