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Jan 31, 2013
2.2 and up
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** IMPORTANT: Before giving bad comments, please refer to the video, in which i explain how the app works. If you have doubts, drop me an e-mail. Thank you. If you need a greek version of Strong's Concordance, please refer to **A complete app for the most comprehensive research within the Strong' Concordance: this program allows you to search any of the terms in the database of words, with the possibility to consult not only the etymological sense of the term, but also to see the word's rendering in Hebrew characters.In order to extend as possible the versatility of the program, the app has been programmed to allow the opportunity to search for a word by typing directly the characters of the Hebrew alphabet. The searched terms could be shared by pressing the black share button on the detail screen, and be sent through BlueTooth, SMS, Facebook, etc.Since version 2.0, it's possible to view the numerical value of each word (like in traditional gematria), with notes about the process to extract a value from a word.Easy to use and very fast, this program will prove useful to those who study the Old Testament in the original language, as well as those who simply want to deepen their knowledge of Hebrew language.** IMPORTANT: For detailed informations about how to use the program, please refer to the video linked below **
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Not a scamI took a chance and went ahead despite the negative r eviews. Works fine for me. It allows what the other Strong's apps don't--to type in the word in English or Hebrew and get a list of choices. The other apps require you to know the Strong's number first, which means you need yet another source to find that out. My only complaint, the reason for only 4 stars is that it doesn't rotate to landscape on my tablet. It doesn't have Greek, but I don't need that very often anyway. Glad I bought it!
Read the reviewsI should have heeded the warnings. Don't make the same mistake!
Dee Ann
Useful, going for Greek too!Love that I can look up Hebrew and English and get a list of possibilities! Hoping for Greek soon as well as Greek to Hebrew equivalents since it is all hebraic in thought and culture.

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