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Oct 11, 2012
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None other than God Himself can give us enough power to overcome our difficulties!Do you feel tired of all the bad things that are happening to you? Do you need an inspirational push? Oh what a mad turn-of-the-century! It’s 2012 and this Millennium, still young, has seen terrifying things: the
World Trade Center fell down, the terrorist attacks have emerged everywhere on the Globe, the wars, the rebellions, the political instability…The world seems on the edge of breakdown. And it seems we’re going down with it. We’re hopeless and we feel weak. And our strength will only come from our Lord in Heaven, through prayer and repentance. It is only in God that we should put all our faith. ‘This helped me a lot! The Isaiah verse was amazing!’- A. KingThis app is designed to remind you how God’s greatness can help you with your daily problems if only you have enough faith. Keep these Bible quotes near to your soul and you will be able to face every obstacle that comes your way with more strength, knowing that God is there to help you. With this app you will learn (or re-learn) how important FAITH is when you’re in times of trouble. It is only God that you can truly rely on, for it is from Him that everything springs. He is the Beginning and the End and He will answer your prayers if you BELIEVE in Him.The Bible tells us that God never puts us to trials He knows we cannot manage. They are meant to test us and to make us grow stronger in our faith in Him. The obstacles on our way to salvation are given to us according to our own powers, and they can make us become better people, better Christians. Where should we find inspiration in times of tribulation?
Who can teach us how to become stronger? Where is the place where we can find comfort and hope? The answer to all these questions is one: The Holy Bible, the fundamental book of Christianity. Bible study does not only make us closer to God and His Will, but is also makes us better as human beings: it teaches us to love and cherish everyone and everything around us, it teaches us to have faith and it gives us the hope that one day everything will be RIGHT.
Getting in touch with your spirituality is good for you. Still, out of all the religions on earth, none is based more on the love that God carried (and still carries) for us than Christianity. Why? Because Jesus Christ died for OUR sins and offered us the gift of eternal life. What better example of sacrifice and strength do we need? What better impulse to becoming better Christians do we want? Prayers, Bible study and going to church are there to help us reach Heaven. They can be activities you do on your own or with your family and friends. They are all equally important in our pursuit of the eternal happiness God has promised to the righteous. This set of bible quotes will make you understand better who is God in fact, what He wants from you and how he rewards those who follow His Word. These Bible verses will give you enough strength to carry on in a world that has gone crazy. Maybe the end of the world is near, maybe not. But your deeds will be judged at some point and you’ll want to stay in front of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) as clean as possible. Yes, we’re all sinners. But God gave us the chance to repent for our shameful deeds. And repentance is the thing that, in the end, will make a difference.Download now and let God’s love embrace you and give you power to go on!

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