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Feb 26, 2013
1.6 and up
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StopWatch 4 all Pro


StopWatch 4 all Pro Description

************** StopWatch 4 all Pro *************
This app works as a stopwatch and timer, and can therefore be used for any sport.
The number of visible stopwatches depends on the current height of the display.There can be started multiple stopwatches and timers - the number is only limited by memory.
The timers can be started individually and simultaneously.Each stopwatch can be turned into a timer.
Simply select the desired timer (white area) and enter the time.
For the timer, all internal and external Ringtones can be used.General Features:
* Each stopwatch can be renamed or deleted (select the white area)
* Another stopwatch can be added always
* The number and names of the stopwatch will be restored during a restart of the app.Timer functions:
* In each timer can be set a beep before the last 10 seconds. Stopwatch functions:
* It can be stopped any number of rounds.
* The time of the round, depends on the setting, shown in km/h or min/km.
* The list can be displayed in tables or as a text.
* By "Share" you can send or save the list - for later if you want.If someone wants to buy this app immediately you can test the Lite-Version.
The Lite-Version has less features and advertising in it.*
A big thank you to Andrea Greco for the help he has given me during development.
*I am grateful for any comments and feedback, because this could only help to make this app better.
For problems or questions please contact me via e-mail.
Unfortunately we can not respond to comments on Google-Play.Supported languages:
German, Italian, EnglishKeyword: crono, stopwatch, cronometro, countdown-timer, Stoppuhr

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