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May 11, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 2

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STF Audio Player Plus


STF Audio Player Plus Description

An audio player that remembers the audio clip (and it's time position) where the user last left off. Other features include:

- bookmarks, and the ability to name the bookmarks
- repeating playback of a defined section of the clip
- programmable skip forward/backward time duration
- Double speed playing for searching a particular section of the audio clip
- Data backup

This audio player is suitable for play back audio clips such as audio book, speeches, language learning, training materials.

The usage of the player is pretty straight forward. Additionally:

- Long Press on the PLAY button brings up the media browser.

* In the Media Browser screen, option MENU allows users to list the media by either their file names or their titles.

- Long Press on the BOOKMARK button to bring up the bookmark browser.

* In the Bookmark Browser screen, Long Press on an item to name/delete the selected bookmark.

- In the main screen, option MENU allow users to program the skip forward/backward duration, Power Save mode setting, and import/export data.

* The import/export data folder is located in /sdcard/StfAudioPlayer. Once the Export Data operation is completed, users are free to archive the content of this folder.

* Setting the Power Save mode to OFF will prevent the device from going into standby mode.

This application will be running in the background if you hit the HOME button (i.e., the audio will continue to play). To completely exit the application, simply hit the BACK button from the main screen, which will terminate the audio play and exit the application.

If you are a STF Audio Player (free version) user and would like to transfer your existing settings and bookmarks to the STF Audio Player Plus, please go to our website ( for the instruction.

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Google Play Comments

Very inconvenient interfaceI didn't believe this app will be so hard to use. First, selecting songs is almost unusable because it lists most of my music files in one alphabetic list, and I have a lot of songs... It doesn't show recently uploaded apps, not sure why. The app desperately needs a better media browser or the ability to open from a file manager. Second, the bookmarks feature is to hard to get to. If I want to use the app while training, I can't be expected to long-press anything. I should be able to keep the bookmarks open during playback. Finally, the app will be more useful if I can add a metronome track.
Great start, a lack of open intent and a descent file browsing function make ...Great start, a lack of open intent and a descent file browsing function make it somewhat cumbersome.

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