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May 09, 2013
4.0 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 6

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SRS Installer ★ ROOT ★


SRS Installer ★ ROOT ★ Description

Reboot issue is now fixed temporarily, but I do still need logs to fix it completely! Don't forget to update your review if you marked it down for this reason!
This application installs the libraries and files needed for SRSPanel to work, as well as installing the application itselfSRS is an audio filter that makes your music more "3D-like" and "Surround". It also has options for TruBass, which, similar to beats audio, makes your bass more fluid and noticeable.You also get a simple equaliser, as is in the original MusicFX, of which SRSPanel is based onWhat this app does:
- Installs the libraries needed for SRS
- Installs the app SRS Panel for you to turn on and tweak the filter in compatible music players*
- Advises on which players are compatible
- Needs no custom recovery, just root access and busybox (checked in-app)Important: Refunds
If you wish to gain a refund after installation, please use the option in the app under "Now what" or the ? button in the action bar. If you are out of the refund window, and you are stuck with it not installing, please contact me and I will try to solve this. I did not want to have to use this aggressive method of moving it to the system, but there were extremely high levels of refunds which I believe are people refunding after installingCREDITS
BPaul of XDA for the original porting, thread here:
zhuhang of XDA for the no-distortion version, thread here: music players
- Now Playing Beta (Recommended):
- Google Play Music:
- Apollo (Bundled in CyanogenMod and other ROMs, apk is unofficially available on XDA)
- PowerAmp (Enable option to use Equalizer API in Settings > Audio > Extras)
And more!Incompatible Music Players
- WinAmp
- Neutron
Some more too, not my fault, don't rage in the reviews!What's required
ROOT. If you don't know what it is, you don't have it. Google it, I won't help you
Busybox. If you have root, it's sometimes installed already, but you can download it using apps such as this one: Changelogs
Added a "What now" section with info on how to activate and troubleshooting
Added code to uninstall user installed MusicFX and DSPManager, thanks to S Cowel for pointing that out
Some minor UI changes
Bug fixes
More bug fixes, including Superuser and Busybox checks
Now checks licence
Now has Superuser permission to conform to the new standard
Now includes SRSPanel 2.0 (see screenshots) - INSTALL AGAIN TO GET IT
SRSPanel 2.0 changes:
New actionbar UI
Roboto light text
Bug fixes
Added credits option
Fixed a few text issues
Settings now scroll if needed
Icon now can act as back in settings
First release :DTags:
srs, srs panel, srs audio, srs effects, srs installer, beats like, bass, beats base, music, enhancer, equaliser, srs extreme, srs extremee

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