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Jun 05, 2013
2.3 and up
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Spy Video Recorder PRO


Spy Video Recorder PRO Description

Recording Video in easy way using Spy Video Recorder PRO!- No camera shutter sound.
- One touch Recording start and stop.
- Unlimited recording Time.Spy Video Recorder PRO is the app that work as hidden camera that can be used at so many places and very useful tool and No One even know that you are recording a video.Spy Video Recorder PRO is a simple secret camera for professional video recording and is the best app available in the Android market for spy video recording.
1. You can record video using Front end Camera and also Back end Camera.
2. Video Can be recorded in Background too and if you need then you can also see the preview along with the recording.
3. Set Video Quality for Back and Front Camera separately in the Setting.
4. We are supporting different types of resolutions which is useful when you don't need HD video and just need to record low quality video to save device memory.
4. Show/Hide Video from gallery and listing.
5. On/OFF Shutter mute Sound.
6. You can also show the list of recorded video files. Here we are providing delete & rename video files so you can manage your recorded files in easy way.
7. Increase recording time in PRO version which was less in the Free version.
1. Professional hidden camera
2. CCTV and security video recording
3. Mobile hidden camera for Android
4. Secret spy camera
5. Background video recorder
6. Useful as Surveillance camera
7. HD Video Recorder for Android
If you have some suggestions or comments, please visit our site and feel free to contact us.

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