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May 02, 2013
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Spirit World Aurora Softphone


Spirit World Aurora Softphone Description

Finally... Simple, No Hype, Free Global Calling While On The Move!** PLEASE NOTE! If you are not a current customer of our Spirit Mobile and GeneSys Digital Phone services, our Spirit World Aurora app will not work for you so please do not purchase!Spirit World Aurora by Triniti Communications allows you to make Free and Unlimited international phone calls from your Spirit smartphone and tablet devices 24x7x365 to 50+ countries using your GeneSys Digital Phone VoIP service!Spirit Mobile gives you the freedom you desire and is the perfect choice for satisfying your domestic and international mobile calling needs. Spirit World is the perfect add-on app solution for people who need to call internationally while away from home or the office without the worry of expensive per minute/per call charges or having to disclose your Spirit mobile phone number. All calls through Spirit World will display your GeneSys phone number instead of your Spirit mobile number.With an Android-powered Spirit device using our exclusive GeneSys domestic and international VoIP calling service, you will be able to extend your free nationwide mobile calling experience to free international calling in seconds with no additional charges on your mobile phone bill and with no worries about using too many minutes on your Spirit wireless service.NEVER MISS A HOME OR BUSINESS CALL AGAIN!
In addition, Spirit World Aurora will allow you to make your GeneSys Residential and Business phone service, completely portable. Your Spirit smartphone can consolidate both your wireless and GeneSys residential/business phone service into one device. Make and received calls from your Spirit smartphone from either your wireless number or GeneSys number for the ultimate in convenience and security.With the awesome features that come automatically with your Spirit Mobile service, powered by the power of Spirit World Aurora, you will have the ULTIMATE mobile phone service for all of your global calling needs.Here are a few Spirit World Aurora features:* High Performance & Quality
* Text Messaging Between Spirit World Users
* Record Calls On Demand
* One-Step Auto GeneSys Configuration
* Full Contacts Integration
* Seamless Phone Integration
* GeneSys Voicemail Access
* Seamless Nuclius Device Integration
* Call Using Spirit or Spirit World
* Lifetime Free Software Upgrades
* New Sleek User Interface
* Easy to Use/Setup
* Supports Multiple GeneSys Accounts
* Text Messaging Between Spirit World Users
* Supports Wifi, 3G, and 4G/LTE Connections
* Custom STUN Server Added
* Multiple Audio Codecs
* Many Performance Tweaks
* Android Dialer Integration
* Supports Android OS 2.2 through 4.2 Jellybean
* Advanced Settings Menus
* Spirit Call Screens
* Smaller File Size for Memory/Performance
* HD Enabled
* Supports Multiple Screen Dimensions
* Disable Connection at your Convenience
* Crystal Clear Calling with Minimum Delay on 3G
* Convenient Quick Setup Menu* Requires GeneSys Unlimited VoIP Digital Phone Service, Flat Rate International calling plan and Spirit World Aurora Android app for unlimited calling over 3G/4G/WiFi to landlines and some premium/mobile numbers. The countries and numbers within those countries you can call at no additional charge are based on your subscribed Flat Rate international calling plan. All calls not covered by a calling plan will be billed at our very low per minute international long distance rates. Please visit and click Digital Phone for the details.

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