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Oct 25, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 495

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Spensa Lite. Expense Tracker


Spensa Lite. Expense Tracker Description

Spensa - Expense Tracker is a complete set of tools to be a Financial Manager

Spensa Lite - Expense Tracker is the easiest app to keep track of all your daily expenses. But it is more than just an Expense Tracker app. It is a complete Personal Financial Manager!

• New Sync feature! Sync your accounts and transactions multiple devices automatically (Pro Version). It is not a copy process but real syncing. (Note: The app does not sync with your bank)
• Unlimited number of Accounts and Subaccounts with different currencies. Support for over 30 different currencies and any type of accounts: Banking account, Cash Account, Credit Card, Debit Card,…
• Over 30 different professional icons just for your accounts. You can customize your icons for each of your accounts.
• Totally designed to help you to make the reconciliation of your Bank Statements. Ready to export your Statements in CSV format.
• Budget Manager: You can create your budget with any combination of Groups and/or categories, Accounts and/or Sub-accounts. It is easy to configure and a great budget planner. It is totally flexible according to your needs.
• List of Projects with a budget like: Trip to Japan, Moving to Seoul, Wedding... Everything is in the same database.
• Customizable Categories by Groups. Easy to edit, add or delete any group or category. Total customization of over 100 professional icons for your Categories and Subcategories.
• Bars and pie Graphs by Categories and Subcategories by day, month or year.
• Monthly Reports for all accounts or some of them. Easy way to select/filter the accounts.
• Easy way to add repetitive transactions as weekly/monthly/yearly bills with customizable alarms and reminders.
• Auto backup of the entire Database.
• Take a photo of your receipts or bills and keep an electronic copy of them.
• Lock the app with a password.
• Rearrange the order of the accounts and categories according to your own preference.
• Tip calculator to help you to calculate the tip when you are out for dinner.
• Export and import on CSV format. Ready to open in any Spreadsheet program in your computer.

*** Pro Version Only:
• New Sync feature added! Now you can sync all your transactions between any android devices. You can share your finances with your spouse for example.
• Multiple backups. Now you are able to keep multiple backups in the cloud and restore any of them whenever you want. Complete peace of mind about loosing your data.
• Totally customized graphs by Account or/and Category in any period of time.
• More than 1,200 professionals icons for the Categories.
• Customized tags by category.
• No ads.

Keywords: Personal Finance Tracker, Expenses Tracker, Expense Tracker, Money Tracker, Track Expenses, Track Money, Monthly Expenses Reports. Bank Statements. Ledger. Expense Manager. Money Manager. Budget Manager. Budget Planner, Finance Manager, Banking account.

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Google Play Comments

Nice tool to track expensesI am using this tool for the past one year. Thanks to the team for this very useful tool. However I would like to point out few bugs. 1. After the recent update, the running balance does not update when I add transactions using Save/Next. 2. The password works only on the home screen i.e., If I have any other screen as the home screen, it doesn't work and takes me directly to the preferred screen. Please try to fix these issues in your next update.
Excellent!!I installed and looked at numerous apps to review and manage my expenses and this is by far the best. You can split categories, take pictures of receipts and view graphs. You can easily input data and color code things to easily see where $ is going. You can add accounts and sub-accounts and lots of room for notes so you remember what you spent your money on even months later. I had a question about a function and contacted the developer. He was was fast to respond and very helpful.
Almost perfect...It took me a while to figure out how things work and get familiar with terms/names.. But after understanding how it works, i am very satisfied at how detailed this app is... It is highly recommended to those who want to keep track of every financial transaction they make.. It provides information of every transaction for each account created as well as giving you an overall account information... The best free financial app i tried! I hope the developer would create a video tutorial for beginners...

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