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Apr 18, 2013
2.2 and up
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Speech to text / Voice to text


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Sensation! Throw out your keyboard and forget about buttons on your smartphone! Our app will record everything you say! Stop wasting time for routine typing. Using a speech synthesis system the app transforms human voice into text, which can be saved and sent via e-mail.Now you can create texts in your device very fast, using only your voice. The convenient app will be useful for different specialists – copywriters, writers, translators, businessmen etc. The program can be used during conversation with a client or a partner when you need shorthand, when you need to rapidly create a text, for people with disabilities etc.Advantages of the Speech to text messenger:• Recognizes texts automatically, no need to transcribe them manually;
• High accuracy of recognition;
• Convenient and simple interface, special knowledge is not required to work with the app;
• Created text can be sent as SMS or via e-mail;
• Multi-language feature—several languages are built into the app, so you can dictate text not only in Russian, but also in English, German, French, Italian and so on. To do so you have to choose the right language in settings.How to work with the app:1. Download and install the Voice-to-text messenger, and let the app work for you;
2. Choose the “Notes” section – here you can type the text or dictate it into the microphone;
3. After the note text is ready, you can save, delete, or send it via SMS or e-mail.System requirements:
Android 2.2
Internet connection
Using Google Voice text

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