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Aug 01, 2012
1.6 and up
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Spanish vocabulary 4 children


Spanish vocabulary 4 children Description

Spanish for kids is a program for children to learn Spanish language vocabulary so simple and intuitive. Kids just have to go through the finger pictures that come out, besides the text description in Ingés of photography will be taught the pronunciation of the word in Spanish.

Children and young people can learn many words that will help them later in the school having taken ease with the vocabulary of Spanish.

The Spanish vocabulary is very simple and is suitable for young children in elementary, even childish or even secondary education and that will help them learn the pronunciation of many words that were not in their vocabulary of Spanish.

This application will seem a game and will help them to learn Spanish effortlessly. Can play to see pictures of animals, numbers, colors, etc. while learning Spanish. The management application is very simple, just have to click on a category of words in Spanish and then go from seeing the photos with an animation and a voice that will indicate the pronunciation of all words, so learn vocabulary Spanish.

It is suitable for children of all countries: Spain, France, China, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Portugal, Japan, etc. as the application has all the texts in Spanish. It is also valid for Spanish-speaking children as children of Catalonia, Basque country, Galicia, Valencia, Balearic or Asturias.

Soon we will have in this application for Android:
 - Section for painting, drawing and coloring.
 - Section of puzzles and puzzle games with educational
 - Section of music with songs in Spanish

 The application is Spanish for children download totally free market without any cost. We are preparing fully adapted to the tablet version, this version of Android tablet will have high resolution images with more effects than the pictures are more colorful. This game is a little but not a baby einstein einstein or get your babies, children and adolescents to learn Spanish as authentic geniuses

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September 3, 2012
It's alright, good concept. However, I was looking for an app with castellano from Mexico. 
No goodKeeps force closing
Kovács Károly Zsolt (Charlie)
No audio.SONY Ericson Xperia Mini Pro

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