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Aug 27, 2012
2.1 and up
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space junk lite


space junk lite Description

If you don't have this app, it can be scientifically proven that you should.

Space Junk Lite is the lite version of Space Junk Pro. It is a satellite tracker, and planet, star, and constellation viewer for mobile phones and tablets. It uses your current location, current time, and current satellite data to show you what is currently in your sky. Use it to find the International Space Station or Hubble Space Telescope!

* Shows satellites, planets, stars, and constellations.
- solar system computations using white paper by Paul Schlyter
- satellite TLE data from NORAD feed at
- uses sgp4 c++ port

* Sky View mode ( planetarium sky map view )
- tag satellite flyby by touching a satellite as it goes overhead
- tag planets, stars, and constellations by just tapping on them while in the view
- share tagged objects with friends on your Facebook feed
* Earth View mode ( view earth from space )
- shows "you are here" marker with proper orientation for what your device is pointed at
- day / night shading
- satellite viewing band indicates when satellites are visible in your sky

* Choose from:
- Brightest satellites
- Favorite satellites
- Amateur radio satellites
- Iridium constellation satellites
* Displays paths of satellite fly-overs
* Uses location services to determine your global position
* Uses NTP ping for accurate time
* Night Mode to reduce eye shock
* Facebook integration:
- publish the satellites you've spotted
- update your favorites list at
* Updates data when network connection is available
* Uses cached copy when away from network

If you have any problems, please email. I will respond quickly and provide an update if there is a bug in the software.

Keywords: planetarium, astronomy, skymap, star chart, star map, satellite finder, NASA, NORAD, TLE, Celestrak, space flight, dragon c2+, spacex

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Google Play Comments

Very niceVery precise GPS, informative pinpoint accuracy with both celestial bodies and manmade satellites. Night vision is a nice touch for the serious star gazer; that being said, I wish the starcharts were more detailed. Runs great on my Huawei, not the most advanced phone, and takes up less memory than one would expect. More detailed charts = 5 stars!
CoolLupus is a Constellation you idiot, and it's Latin for Wolf!
ExcellentTo say for a free app it is excellent would be pointless. It is an excellent app period.

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