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Oct 05, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.8
Rating: 200

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Space Invaders Meets Galaga


Space Invaders Meets Galaga Description

It's a Galactic Invasion! Defend Earth from an armada of alien space invaders.

Galactic Invasion is an exciting new arcade space shooter game for the Android platform, inspired by classic video arcade game legends Space Invaders and Galaga.

While on patrol deep in space you encounter a fleet of alien invaders bent on conquest. Reinforcements are light years away and only you stand between the invaders and their advancement into Earth space. You alone must fight back this alien invasion force and rid the galaxy of this space borne menace.

What users are saying:

5 stars. Reminds me of Galaga!
I loved Galaga as a teenager. There is no telling how many tokens I fed it at the arcades. Galactic Invasion is more enjoyable…

4 stars. Space invaders on galaxy s-4g
This is about as good as it gets when it comes to "space invaders" this is good old shoot em-up. It doesn't freeze, pause, etc,..

Includes the following features:
- Universal and simplistic controls. Simply tilt your device to move your ship left, right, forward or back.
- Tap anywhere on screen to fire. Hold and press to engage the auto-fire
- 20 levels of increasingly difficult waves of invaders (15 levels in free version)
- Many customizable options to range the game difficulty from a walk in the park to near impossibility (fewer options available in Lite version)
- Options to independently disable in-game music and sounds

We strongly encourage and eagerly await any and all user feedback regarding our products. Please feel free to email us from either the link below or the in-game feedback screen regarding any comments, ideas, or issues regarding this app.

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Google Play Comments

Would Be Nice IF..........I could simply DRAG MY FINGER ON THE SCREEN to move my spaceship instead of having to tilt the phone. Though I suppose I could put up with it, IT IS inconsistent with other space shooter games on GP
WTF!?I have to tilt my phone all kind of jacked angles while tapping the screen to shoot instead of automatically shooting and being able to guide my ship side to side! Who thought that was a good game design/feature! Glad I tried the free version first before what would've been wasting my money!
Force closesI like the game but it Force closes alot and keeps freezing..kicks me out.

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