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Mar 20, 2013
2.1 and up
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Sounds: The Pronunciation App


Sounds: The Pronunciation App Description

The ultimate interactive English pronunciation tool, for both students AND teachers. Sounds: The Pronunciation App helps you study, practise and play with pronunciation wherever you are. Based on the best-selling book 'Sound Foundations' by pronunciation expert Adrian Underhill, the app features a fully-interactive Phonemic Chart for both British and American English.You can look up and listen to words and phrases in the WORDLIST, plus record and compare your own pronunciation. If you’re using a Macmillan coursebook, you can now buy additional wordlists directly inside the app.PRACTISE your pronunciation reading, writing and listening skills
Test yourself with one of the pronunciation QUIZZES
LEARN with lesson plans, videos and top tips for teachers, and study hints for studentsCOMPLETE FEATURE LIST:► Interactive Phonemic Chart (British and American English) with high quality audio - tap to hear a sound, or tap and hold to hear the sound and an example word.
► Work in British or American English, and switch between them at any time.
► Vocabulary Wordlist (with over 650 words):
- Phonemic transcriptions and audio
- Record your own pronunciation
- Purchase new wordlists from directly inside the app. Wordlists are available for popular Macmillan coursebooks, as well as topic-based lists. New wordlists feature vocabulary, phrases and audio recordings.
- Turn stress marks on or off to view the primary stress mark in the Wordlist, Practice and Quiz sections.
► Practice Activities (Listen, Read and Write).
► Quizzes (‘3 Minutes’ & '3 Lives' modes) for listening, reading and writing.
► ‘Introduction to the Chart' video featuring Adrian Underhill.
► Three downloadable lesson plans for teaching with the Sounds app.
► Top Ten Tips for Teachers.
► Top Ten Tips for Students.
► ‘Teaching with the Chart' – complete workshop video with Adrian Underhill.
► Full Instructions.For more information about the phonemic chart, the choice of vocabulary included in the Wordlists, and the benefits of Sounds: The Pronunciation App for both language teachers and students, visit the website at

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Galaxy Note MikeI've been using the app on my ipad for some time. I've just downloaded to mtg Galaxy Note and 7.7 tablet. works perfect on the tablet but on Note the screen is totally messed up. so 5 stars for tablet and 4 for note.
not at all satisfiedif you're looking for IPA this isn't it. i was not able to use within the 15 minute refund window through google. company won't refund. not at all satisfied with the app or the company.
Cannot buy Wordlists, please fix it ASAPError: cannot process your order.

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