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Mar 30, 2013
2.1 and up
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Solitaire + Spider Solitaire


Solitaire + Spider Solitaire Description

The Top 4 in 1 Solitaire, FreeCell, Spider, Forty Thieves game now available for Android.One of the enormously popular solitaire games included with Windows, FreeCell is a game that requires skill and patience to win!  After dealing from a standard deck of 52 cards, use the four free cell spots as placeholders as you try and move all the cards to the Foundation stacks for a win. Unlike many solitaire games, all the cards in FreeCell can be seen at the opening deal, so most FreeCell deals can be solved, if you have what it takes!You've played FreeCell on your computer, now you can play FreeCell anywhere at any time of the day! And with crystal clear graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface, you won’t want to play any other FreeCell application again!Spider Solitaire is an extremely popular version of Solitaire where your goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending suit sequence. This version of Spider Solitaire is just like the version playable on Windows!Solitaire Freecell is designed specially for Android and provides 25 customization options. Choose the most suitable cardset, background, and tons of other settings to your taste! Thank you for your suggestions! Please contact support if you have any problems or ideas. We read comments and highly appreciate your ratings!
Also try out our Solitaire games: Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Solitaire Freecell, Sky Walk, Photo Editor are also available for iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre and Chrome
- Random games
- Landscape
- Game state saved when interrupted
- Unlimited undo
- Hints
- Tap to move or drag and drop
- Solitaire
- Spider
- FreeCell
- Forty ThievesEnjoy!solitaire‌‌‌‌‌,solitaire‌‌‌‌‌ free,freecell,card game,classical,Klondike,deluxe,spider splitaire

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