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Oct 03, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.4
Rating: 432

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Snoop: Phone Spy & Tracker


Snoop: Phone Spy & Tracker Description

Mobile monitoring software, targeting parents of teens. Snoop: Phone Spy & Tracker is the best app of its kind. Snoop has 2 parts: the control panel on your phone, and the hidden app on their phone.
Using an optimized installation process, you install the disguised app on your teen or grandparents’ phones.

Note: during Installation, make sure you select “OPEN” (not “done”). See video or website for more details.

Once installed, see their location at any time, Live, and read their SMS texts. This mobile sleuth phone spy and teen and kids tracker app is free. Other remote cloning features are available soon via the paid version and include phone call tracking, Geo map fencing, hidden microphone with recording, aka remote listening or Environmental Recording. You love your kids and parents; this app is their ghost and angel, tracking the teen and parent’s activities and safety remotely. Supports Android Éclair thru Jelly Bean. GPS map location delivered thru your choice of Google Maps, Decarta, or Baidu. A Great New Twist in Android Phone Spy & Track Apps! - Editor's Pick from Final note: the teen's phone MUST have a data-plan; otherwise the parent only gets updates when the teen is on a Wi-Fi connection for a few minutes. Snoop works over both 3G or Wi-Fi, but >90% of issues from customers have been root-caused to the target phone not having proper data connectivity.

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Does't work after numerous updatesI've had this app for a couple of months now and it used to work great. Since the updates there are constant connection issues (even after I reinstalled on the target phone - new Razr). Only some text messages show.. I know because I can see parts of text conversations we had are missing. GPS tracking no longer works! Why would I pay an exorbitant amount for a paid version of a free app that doesn't work properly????
Pay Version ProblemsI tried out the free version with obviously limited functions but it worked. Then i decided to pay for one month to try out the full functions before possibly buying a year of service, but it never worked. I contacted customer service and 5 days later they responded but nothing got fixed. Dont buy the paid version, stick to the free version and avoid headaches!
Kills batteryI liked the app at first but although i have the gps tracking set on rarely, the gps constantly stays connected on the target phone and kills the battery. A lot of connection errors and wont let me uninstall from target without paying for the full version. Why do i have to pay for something that i dont want to use any longer??? Please allow for free remote uninstall and fix the gps feature and i will rate 5 stars!

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