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Apr 08, 2013
2.2 and up
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Easy-to-use SMS, calls, location spy app. This app will help you track all text messages, calls, location in your e-mail account.The full Pro version includes additional features:1. You get your messages immediately after they have been sent
2. You can hide an app icon. That way your kids won’t know you spy on them
3. You have access to information on all incoming and outgoing calls
4. GPS-tracking function – you can track the phone and receive up-to- the-minute location and time data on your e-mail
5. You get all camera pics on your e-mailHow it works:All inbox and outbox text messages are copied to the e-mail account, which you enter in the settings. You just need to configure your app only once and it will run reliably even after the mobile phone is restarted.
The application is completely free, has no restrictions and requires no registrationHow to use SMS spy:1. Download the app from Google play and launch it
2. Set the password to restrict access to your application
3. Enter your e-mail address, where you’d like the text messages to be sent
4. Minimize the appThat’s it! Now all the text messages will be copied to your e-mail!You can also choose a sending mode: a protected SMTP server (default setting), your Gmail account or any other SMTP server (you can create a separate entry to secure it)Why do you need SMS spy Pro?
1. to read your text messages remotely when you left your cell phone at home
2. to locate your phone in case it is stolen
3. to have a convenient text messages back-up, you can always read your messages via e-mail
4. to monitor your kidsF.A.Q. for SMS Spy ProIt will work on my device?
Before you buy the PRO version, test the free version on your phone! application does not send emails, what will i do?
1. Check your email adress (dont forget about ".com" this is a common mistake).
2. Check spam folder in your email.
3. Set default "Default secure SMTP" in "Email for message sending"
4. Try to send test message (from settings)
5. Try to set "Email send period" in "immediately" and send sms. Then wait for few minutes. If this didn't help, please write email on In email write you mobile phone model and version of Android OS on it.
Have any troubles? New ideas to complement the app?
E-mail us at

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