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Apr 30, 2013
1.5 and up
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Sms Anonymouse


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Sms Anonymous and 'an application with which you can send anonymous text messages to whoever you want, and for whatever reason, it works with vodafone, wind, tim three.
'Cause choose anonymous sms pro?1-Works with all managers, vodafone, wind, tim three
2 - Easy to use
3 - Professional
4 - Only € 0.80
5 - You will not have advertising that clogs your phoneUSERS FOR VODAFONE:Using the manager vodafone the recipient will receive 2 messages one with your message and one in which there will be written to discover that the sender will have to make a number, ATTENTION this to the 'appearance may seem to those who receive the message can trace who sent it but not 'absolutely so, in fact, the second message arrives at the recipient only serves to give the opportunity of a possible answer in a nutshell is used only if the recipient of the message we want to answer, but our identity tramita the use of Anonymous Sms Pro will not be revealed.For those who use the wind in this case the recipient will be able to respond to our message through permits anonymous sms pro, of course the 'identity of the sender of the message can not be discovered.NOTE:
1-In order to use Sms Anonymous and 'need to have a normal sim rechargeable, and not a sim-paid and credit card.
2 - Anonymous Sms does not offer a free sms and then the various sms will be charged according to the manager you use.For any problem concerning the operation of Anonymous Sms Pro do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange to terminate the agreement. Anonymous Sms pros and 'been tested on all the most known brands of phones such as samsung, sony, lg and blakbarry with operating system Android from 2.1 up to the' latest version, in case there are problems of incompatibility or malfunction due to the model of your phone, avoid kindly leave negative comments, you can easily contact us and in a very short time you will receive a full refund of Anonymous Sms

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