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Oct 02, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
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SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calenda


SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calenda Description

SmoothSync for Yahoo!® Calendar syncs your Yahoo! calendars. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the native calendar app and widgets and operates invisible in the background.

The server issues on Yahoo!'s side are still ongoing. Please report any errors to Yahoo!. Send them emails and tweets (@YahooCare) to make them move.
Please understand that I can't do anything if the servers are not working properly.

Important note for Jelly Bean users: To prevent the removal of your accounts on reboot install this app:

The app is designed to be as user friendly as possible. So, just enter your account data, select your calendar and SmoothSync will keep you calendars in sync.

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This app does not contain a calendar user interface, it syncs to your device's stock calendar app. To do so it will create new calendars (one for each calendar in your Yahoo! account)

Yahoo Groups calendars are currently not supported!

Please, if you find a bug send me an email. Without detailed error description I often can't do anything especially when I can't reproduce it.

Important! If your phone removes the accounts on reboot, move the App back from SD card to the phone. Some phones (if not all) can't handle sync adapters on SD Card properly.

Please watch out for the calendar selection field when you create a new appointment. It may default to your Google calendar instead of your Yahoo! Calendar (and the app won't sync events in the Google calendar)

* two-way-sync
* supports multiple accounts
* multiple calendars per account
* automatic calendar discovery
* imports calendar names and colors
* syncs multiple alarms (Yahoo->Phone, Yahoo does not show alarms created by my app yet)
* time zone support
* customizable sync interval (default: 24h, local changes will be synced almost immediately)
* customizable sync range

known limitations:
* attendees are not yet synced (there is an experimental option in the account settings)

Yahoo!, Yahoo! Calendar and the Yahoo! logo are registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc. The author of this app is not related to Yahoo! Inc. in any way.

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Google Play Comments

Thank youJust downloaded this app. Works as described. It took a few minutes to set up and my Yahoo calendar is now syncing. Worth the few bucks for sure.
Its about time someone did this! Hats off to devOnly app I could find & so far looks to works flawlessly!!! My rating: no app is perfect. Always bugs and ways to improve code.
Long standing problem solvedBrilliant app and so easy to you. Worth every penny. Thank you.

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