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Sep 27, 2013
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 2599

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Smart Office 2


Smart Office 2 Description

View, create, edit, print and share Microsoft Office documents on your phone or tablet.

Smart Office makes creating, editing, printing and sharing Microsoft Office and other documents on the move even easier through a contextual interface, drag and drop editing and sharing to email in original or PDF format and sharing to Dropbox or Google Docs.

PRINTING included! No need to buy a separate Printer app. You can print to thousands of wireless printers from 34 manufacturers including HP, Epson, Canon and Samsung.

NEW USER INTERFACE! The Smart Office 2 Dashboard is your new hub for mobile office activity. It allows quick access to Printing, Presenting, Explorer Views and a News Feed.

Manage files using Picsel’s Visual Explorer file manager. See thumbnails of your document in the Timeline view and helpful information in Document Info View. Our benchmark viewing technology means you can view Adobe PDF, image files, plain text and other standard applications, without losing important content.

Load email attachments, edit and send back while you’re out of the office or in a meeting. Smart Office can save as PDF for those important documents!

Create new documents from scratch. SmartOffice is the only office application that allows you to create documents using a FREE set of preloaded templates.

--- Features ---
★ View and edit major office documents.
★ Edit text directly in your document.
★ Export to PDF.
★ Print to thousands of wireless printers.
★ Choose fonts, colours, alignment, formatting, move images, and more.
★ Unique Document Info View.
★ Visually appealing Timeline View.
★ Send and receive email attachments.
★ Create and delete files in storage.
★ Recalculate spreadsheets and update charts with new formulae.
★ Zoom to any size from multiple-pages-on-screen, to huge.
★ Slide show presentation.
★ Cut and paste selections to the special scrap book and system clipboard.
★ Undo mistakes easily.
★ Reflow pages to fit screen or use full page layout.
★ Tablet user interface with easy dialogues.
★ Phone UI, with multi-touch or single touch gestures.
★ World’s first stereo 3D document viewing.
★ High performance loading and zooming.
★ Android 1.5 and later compatibility.
★ Search for text, and follow hypertext links.
★ Navigate easily to any page with convenient gestures.
★ Dropbox file sharing to cloud storage.
★ Google Docs file sharing for some files, beta
★ Email, SD card file access.
★ Create new documents from optional templates.
★ File browsing is convenient and fast.
★ Save correctly in original format without losing data.

--- File formats ---
★ Microsoft Office: all versions since 1997:
★ Word, PowerPoint and Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx (viewing and editing);
★ Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer, PDF Reader, Save as PDF;
★ JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP images; Vector WMF and EMF diagrams; plain text (viewing);
★ Print to selected wireless printers supporting HP PCL3GUI, PCL6, PCL5, Epson ESC/P-R, Samsung SPL.

--- Languages ---
Application localised for:
Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
View documents in the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

--- Connect ---
For up to date product news, sneak peaks and announcements find us on Facebook and Twitter:
You can also register for email updates and find support at:
By downloading you agree to Terms of use at

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Google Play Comments

프린트가 짱이야어제 프린트해보겠다고 씽크프리 샀더니.. 프린트기능은 더 비싼돈주고 별도구입해야 하는거네.. 헐~ 그렇게해서 산 24,800원짜리 프로그램들이 지하철노선도를 인쇄하다가 왜 죽냐 ㅠㅠ... 씨름끝에 드디어 밤 늦게 인쇄성공! 한 페이지짜리 지하철 노선도 인쇄에 9분50초 걸림 ㅠㅠ. 이걸 어떻게 써? --> 그래서 다른것 찾다가 이 프로그램을 구입. 지하철 노선도 인쇄시작하는데 5초, 프린터에서 종이가 다 빠져나오는데까지 55초 걸림!! 감동♥ 그나저나 씽크프리는 반품 되려나? 내 돈 돌려줘 ㅠㅠ
Matt Louie
SosoA little bit hard especially in doing excel stuffs
LOVELYJust need pdf create. Also wish that I could 'Select All' feature - please, please. The present method to select annoys me. I now use this app to create my doc. save it, then use another app. to do 'select all'. Just this one thing letting this app down for me.

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