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Oct 20, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 1280

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SlotMania Slot Machines


SlotMania Slot Machines Description

This slot machine is 100% free. You wont need to pay for levels or more credits like some of the other machines.

★★★★★ Slotmania Luv it ;)
★★★★★ Very cool Try this game you Will love it

SlotMania is a collection of Vegas inspired Progressive Slot Machines for your mobile device or tablet. A lot of research went into this app to provide the gamer with the most realistic slot machine experience. If you're looking for a game where you win every time- this game isn't for you; because of its Vegas inspired pay-outs, you're not going to win every spin, adding to the real slot machine experience.

SlotMania slot machines feature progressive payout systems if you're lucky enough to hit it! It also features icons that will double your payout. Some of the other reels consist of triple 7's, double 7s single 7s, jackpot bar, and jackpot 5 bar.

Don't like the background noise? You can easily disable it in the menu by pressing the menu key and clicking on "Background Sounds". Other features include swipe down at any time to see the payout list. Play max credits by pressing the search button on your phone. Submit your score to the high score list. You can also retrieve your score if your phone ever loses it for any reason.

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imdmadjThe most realistic slots game PERIOD! For the past 16 years I have been all across our country & Canada as a truck driver. I've been to Vegas,Reno and every casino I could find to pull the handle on the "one arm bandits". This slot app is a must have for anyone who is searching for the best slot game that's as close to actually pulling the handle in the casino.
The DunkLove these slots. All of them are tons of fun and endless hours of play!!! I like that you can submit your score to see where u stand against other slot addicts!!! I recommend this game over all others! Fun fun.
CoachThis game is the real deal. I frequent casinos on a regular and this is how they play.

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