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Nov 08, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 116806

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Slacker Radio


Slacker Radio Description

Slacker Radio. Crafted by hand to deliver the perfect music for any moment.

Slacker Radio is handcrafted radio from passionate music experts. Listen for free and discover the perfect music for any moment with hundreds of stations and recommendations. Turn up the volume on an old favorite or discover your next obsession as we help you explore one of the largest music libraries anywhere. Slacker Radio is constantly updated and adapts to your tastes so the music is always fresh, fun and unexpected.

- Hundreds of handcrafted stations that adapt to your tastes
-Free on your smartphone, web browser, car or tablet
- Customizable news, sports, talk and weather from ABC, ESPN, American Public Media and The Weather Channel
- Subscribe for ad-free, off-line and on-demand access to millions of songs
- Original programming you won’t hear anywhere else
- The perfect music for any moment with hundreds of activity-based stations

Praise for Slacker from users and press:
- “Best. Streaming music app. Ever.” — CNET News
- “If you like exploring new music, its hand-selected genre channels are completely entertaining.” — Boing Boing
- 5/5. Slacker has ESPN Radio Live?! So I don't miss a thing at work!? And greater selection of music and comedy albums than Pandora!!! What's not to love!!!!!!! — Google Play Store User on 9/11/2013
- 5/5. This is my radio for keeping me up to date on music! Thank you Slacker for being amazing. — Google Play Store User on 9/9/2013

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Google Play Comments

Freezes all the time.Would be great. I use it all the time but it freezes constantly. I seem to have to go back to Pandora all the time. I have an hour commute each way and like more than what the radio offers which is repetitive of popular. This last update has frozen it almost 24 hours now. Kinda like breaking my radio. Bummed.
Use to be greatBut now it plays one song and then stops when the next one plays. Please fix this I really enjoy this over Pandora
Became self aware and keeps asking about some girl named Sarah Connor or something. ...Became self aware and keeps asking about some girl named Sarah Connor or something. Once subscribed won't let unsubscribe. Won't let uninstall through playstore either, only open or update options available. This is disrespectful to the consumer.

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