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Simple Billiards

This is my fifth application which I published in android market. This game is played only in landscape mode. There are 1 yellow cue ball and 6 blue target balls and 4 pockets at the corner. The pink arrow indicates the direction of a stroke. You can change the direction by tapping 2 "arrow shaped" buttons.You can make a stroke by tapping "billiard shaped" button.If a cue ball falls in a pocket, tap "N" button, which revive your cue ball, again. If you push all target balls in pockets, within 60 seconds, you win, otherwise it is time over. You can play again, by tapping "N" button, after game over.
I tested it on Sharp IS03, android OS 2.2. I compiled this app with android 2.3 SDK, so that it will work for android OS 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

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