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Jan 08, 2012
2.1 and up
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Silent Timer, Sleep Timer


Silent Timer, Sleep Timer Description

Start a new year with Etiquette Me!
Only $1.00 - January of 2011.YOU WILL NOT BE EMBARRASSED FOR UNEXPECTED RINGER SOUND WITH ETIQUETTE ME.Etiquette Me is a "Silent mode timer" app.
It can be used for sleep timer for a peaceful sleep.ETIQUETTE ME controls ringer mode to be silent or/and vibrate.
You can make your etiquette list just like setting alarm clock. Then ETIQUETTE ME will help you to feel comfortable.
It will change ringer mode to silent or/and vibrate when it is the START TIME. And it will change ringer mode back to the previous value when it reaches END TIME.1. You can make etiquette lists with names as many as you need.
2. Each etiquette has START TIME and END TIME.
3. REPEAT mode is supported. You can select one or more days between Monday and Sunday.
4. Vibrate on/off is supported. But silent mode should be selected.
5. Each ETIQUETTE can be on/off by touching the clock icon on the list.
6. ETIQUETTE ME will prevent ringer mode from being changed while it's in etiquette mode.
7. Notification will show you configured schedule for silent mode.** There is a free version with AD on the market.
You can try it before your purchase. **
** If you have installed Lite version,
Please uninstall the Lite version after installing
paid version **Version 1.2.1
* Bug : Next Etiquette will not start if running etiquette is stopped ==> FixedVersion 1.2.0
* Keep staying in silent mode after power off/on
during silent mode.
* UI layout change.
* Bug fixVersion 1.1.0
* Add "Waiting" status
* Add setting menu for notification
* Add setting menu for "force ringer mode"Version 1.0.1
* Icon change
* Restore ringer mode after reboot
if the user switched off
in etiquette mode.[Key Words]
Silent timer, silent clock, silent mode, manner mode, Alarm clock, Scheduler, ringer mode, vibrate

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