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May 21, 2013
2.1 and up
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SignalCheck Pro


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SignalCheck allows users to check the true signal strength of their connections. Unlike the standard Android signal bars, which only display the 1xRTT (voice and low-speed data) signal strength, SignalCheck will show you detailed signal information about all of your device's connections, including 1xRTT, GSM, EV-DO or eHRPD (3G), LTE (4G), and Wi-Fi.
Special thanks to S4GRU for their tremendous support of SignalCheck from the beginning! Visit for up-to-the-minute information and discussions about Sprint's Network Vision strategy, as well as talk about devices and other cellular networks. There is a SignalCheck discussion thread too!SignalCheck will display LTE Cell ID information on many HTC devices, as well as some devices by other manufacturers running Android 4.2 or higher. SignalCheck was one of the first (if not THE first) Android apps to provide this information to users.A configurable SignalCheck widget can be added to your home screen, showing your realtime connection type and signal strengths.SignalCheck also displays the current connection type along with the carrier name, or the System ID of the carrier if roaming.One of the best features of SignalCheck are the notification icon(s). A user-customizable icon shows your data connection strength in the notification area at the top of the screen, and more details can be seen in the pulldown menu. Your signal strength is always at the top of the screen along with your other icons.. no need to open the app to check your connections. The icons are customizable, showing signal bars, connection type, digital signal strength in dBm, or connection type with signal strength. A secondary icon can be enabled to always display the 1xRTT signal for users who wish to compare their signal strengths realtime. All of this is customizable from within the app! Users can configure this to automatically start when their device boots up if they choose to.SignalCheck can also notify the user with an audio and/or vibrating alert when a 4G LTE connection is discovered. This is handy for users traveling in new cities, or if your carrier's 4G network is still under construction -- know immediately when you have a high-speed connection! Alerts can be disabled by the user if desired.Sprint users can enable audio and/or vibrating alerts to notify them when they have an 800MHz 1xRTT connection.. very handy for finding new sites!Curious as to which tower you are connected to? SignalCheck will not only show you the ID, but also the street address of the 1X tower or sector on most CDMA networks! Clicking on the address will automatically show the location through your mapping app. Please note, this feature is carrier-dependent, as some providers (notably Verizon Wireless) block the location information. Location information is also not available for GSM-based networks.SignalCheck has an option to quickly reset your data connections from within the app. Also, users can choose to keep the screen on when SignalCheck is in the foreground if they choose to. Another option allows users to start checking their signals as soon as their device boots, enabling the notification icon(s) immediately.SignalCheck provides easy access to advanced Android screens such as Battery Info, Field Trial, Mobile Networks, and Wi-Fi info. These screens are already available on most Android devices, but are only accessible by special dialer codes.This app has also been referred to as Signal Check, Signal Check LTE, LTE Signal Check, and LTE Checker, among other things. Users checking their signals on the Sprint network will see the most benefit from this app as their Network Vision nationwide upgrade rolls out, but Boost, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and international users can also check their signals and see detailed information about their connections.

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