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May 30, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 141

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Shall we date?:Heian Love


Shall we date?:Heian Love Description

Please note : How to change the language?
Start the application, tap オプション(OPTION), select 言語環境 (LANGUAGE), tap はい (YES).
-----------------------------------------★This application is a dating simulation game.
★Both Japanese and English versions are available within the application. [Outline]
An anonymous love letter was where it all began…Will the web of power, status and jealousy prevent you from making your love bear fruit?
Or, will your love never blossom?
What fate lies in store for you?A Love Simulation Game set in the Heian Period in Japan has come out in Japanese/English![Characters]
-An Emperor with a frozen heart-
Emperor Kuze
Perhaps I will visit your room tonight...but don't get the wrong idea- Lord of the Moonlight-
Me, a good person?
There is much about me you do not know- A beguiling wizard-
If you want to peek inside my heart, you must show inside yours as well- A pure, unspoilt youth-
I've have you know that I've matured as well.- An older man donning the mask of reason-
Lord Masakuni
Many times have I get my hands on you.You can also see other handsome guys!You can play the 5 characters above stories by purchasing this application.
If you want to play other characters, you can play 3 further characters by purchasing the "Three Characters Pack" in-app-purchase.[Features]
1.Wide variety of Endings
There are 5 types of endings!!
Because the ending you get is determined by the answers you chose, you can enjoy 5 types of endings.2.High quality pictures based on each character’s story
You might choose an option which leads to a high quality image!
Try to find them!
*You can check high quality images during the game in "MY ROOM".3.Added bonus: Opening Movie
Movie inspired by this story is available!
This splendid movie enhances the mood. 4.Mail from characters
You will receive mail from characters as you play the game.
You may be able to see a different side of the characters.
* Depending on how the story unfolds, you may not receive any mail.
* These mails are virtual mails in this application.5.It is useful to learn Japanese/English
Language switching function is available.[Description]
The age of refinement--
You have entered the elegant imperial court of ancient Kyoto as a lady attendant.As someone born in the countryside, life at the imperial court is new and perplexing to you.One day,
you were planning on attending a poetry contest organized by the emperor,
but a sudden stomach ache has prevented you from going.
Your excitement has turned into sadness, and the sleeves of your kimono are stained with tears.That's when a single love letter arrives.As you read it, the beautiful and delicate poem inside conveys the writer's passion and you are instantly in love."Who... sent me this poem?"In your search for the sender, you meet many handsome gentlemen."Could my poet really be one of them?"Which one of these gentlemen around you
is going to win your heart?![How to play]
1.As you progress in the story, you will get to choose answers.
2.You advance in the story by selecting dialogue options.
3.The ending will change depending on which answers you choose.
4.MY ROOM(playing history) is available.
You can check high quality images displayed during the game, mails, and progress status in MY ROOM.*note*
When you can't finish the initial data download, please try downloading once again in a better wireless communication environment.

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LOVELYLove this game!!! There are so many options and different endings for each character!! The only weird thing is that the extension pack costs more than the actual game. Other than that, perfect!!! PLEASE TRANSLATE STRAWBERRY LOVE TO ENGLISH!!!!
Love it!It would be even better if there was music or voice acting but otherwise this is a great otome game.
I already bought the extra charactersWhen i bought the game i bought the extra characters after i reset my phone its telling me to buy them again!? I love this game and have email as.proof i bought them please fix this!!!!!

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