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Aug 23, 2011
2.2 and up
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Secure Email Reader


Secure Email Reader Description

Red Hound Software's Secure Email Reader can be used to decrypt S/MIME encrypted email messages received using other email applications like gMail, K-9 Mail and Android Mail. See the contents of those p7m attachments (smime.p7m) you receive without returning to your desktop mail program.

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Explanation for required permissions:

* Take pictures and videos: you can use your phone's camera to scan QR codes instead of entering passphrases manually
* Internet Access: If you enable it in the settings (it's off by default) you can send error reports to our support server.
* Storage Access: You can use Secure Email Reader to save attachments to your SD card and read keys from your SD card.

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Google Play Comments

BrilliantBest 99 cents I've spent in a long time! Great documentation on your website made configuration a breeze. Thanks for ridding me of my PC tether.
Great reader for S/MIME encrypted email.It does exactly what it's intended to do. Clean, quick, and stable. There are two cons that keep it from getting a 5-star for me. 1. It forces you to use the IO File Manager for navigating to your private keys. This is a bit silly that I'd have to download another file manager app if I already have a perfectly usable one. 2. I wish the Private Key Cache were adjustable. Sometimes 3 minutes isn't enough if I want to scroll through multiple emails, or a long one and then another. Giving a few options 5, 10, maybe 15 at max wouldn't be bad (with warning of the security implications) Other than that, it replaces X509Tools which I was using before, and will still continue to use for sending encrypted emails, but for simply reading emails. This one currently takes the job.

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