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Sep 05, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 3064

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Season Zen HD


Season Zen HD Description

Season Zen HD is an Editor's Choice on Google Play!

Season Zen includes Spring, Summer, Autumn / Fall, and Winter themes - four wallpaper themes for the price of one! Celebrate Easter with the customizable Easter egg patterns. Now with many new improvements, including time of day support, auto camera pan, enchanted forest Maple, Autumn, and Winter themes, birds, butterflies, snowmen, tons of customization, and more.

Bring your phone to life with this serene 3D nature wallpaper.

Sunlight filters through swaying trees in a peaceful park, as cherry blossoms float past. A birds nest perched in a branch overlooks a park bench, gently flowing brook, butterflies, and blooming flowers. Choose from hundreds of egg combinations, including Easter eggs, or hide the nest and egg altogether!

Customize nearly every part of the scene, including the bench, butterfly, flowers, eggs, stream, and more - thousands of possible combinations! You can also hide or show the nest, eggs, butterfly, river, and more.

Works great with phones, tablets, Tegra HD devices, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

Problems? Just email our support team with the model of your phone and a description of the problem.

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Google Play Comments

Beautiful wallpaperDuslboot Games makes some of the best 3d live wallpapers around, bar none. I own three already (Christmas, Celtic and Zen) and am blown away each time at the detail and customization of the images. And nicest yet, they're done in such a way as to not have a ton of screen clutter that makes it difficult to see apps or to read text from widgets even with transparent backgrounds.
Ok,but ...Its a little too girly for me. My phone must feel same way. It shut down and reinstalled old wall paper. Would be nice if u see eggs hatch and chicks grow up as spring turns to summer and then fly away around fall.
Best Live Wallpaper Ever!I love this app. This is the first time I ever paid for the full version. I had to have it. I usually don't comment, I'm a little shy, but this dev earned it!

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