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Oct 20, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 15261

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Screen Off and Lock


Screen Off and Lock Description

One click to turn off screen and lock device without touching power button

**If you would like to support my development, please consider purchasing the donate version. Thanks!**

**Unsupported devices:**
1. Motorola devices with stock ROM

This tools allows you to switch off and lock screen by 1 click with screen off ANIMATION and SOUND effects.

THIS IS NOT A WIDGET! You can place the shortcut in anywhere and customize the app icon and its label! (i.e. using ADW Launcher or LauncherPro)

You can click the shortcut in notification bar, put it into your dock of your launcher or long pressing the search key to switch off the screen and lock your device!

The donate version will EXIT COMPLETELY and FREE UP all the used memory after the screen is turned off or locked.

Gingerbread icon (Main):
Gingerbread icon (Setting):
TV static sound:

1. Before you can uninstall the app, please go to the setting page and click the "Remove device administrator" button
2. Putting the shortcut in notification does not equal to the app that is running in the background. It is just a shortcut pointing to the app directly
3. For those who cannot see the screen off animation even the app is reinstalled, please make sure you selected the option "All animations" under "Settings > Display > Animation" in the system.
4. If you would like to translate the app into other languages, please contact me by email. Thank you!

Translation: (Many thanks to them!)
English, 繁體中文, 简体中文: Katecca
Deutsch: vamez, Jürgen (Market)
한국어: Jason Jang (a.k.a hL1sxa)
Français: Pierre
Svenska: Johan Pettersson (Pettingson)
Romanian: Sorin, Britzinelul
Türkçe: Ferdi G.
Español: Fernando Viña
Italiano: Francesco (Exkalibur)
Русский: Владимир Бывалов
Portugues BR: Marcos Teixeira
日本語: 田中了正
Danske: Jan Nørskov
العربية: خالد إبراهيم
Nederlands: Marcel Portma
Magyar: Horváth "ChronosHun" Dávid
Polski: Kretek
فارسی: رضا محمدی انجمن پی سی سون و هندهلدیوزرز
Čeština: Jan Watzke
Ελληνικά: Νίκος Πάνος
Bosanski jezik: Srki (
Српски: Srki (
Indonesia: Yuga Hardiyansah (hyuu)
Việt Nam: Phong Quang (
български език: Felix Angelov
Slovenčina: Dr.František Hrušovský
Català: Agustí Descarrega
Norsk: Lars-Arne Kvien
ไทย: Dr.Akaluck Thammasunthorn (นพ.เอกลักษณ์ ธรรมสุนทร)
繁體中文: Leo Yang
Suomi: Maunu Lamminen
தமிழ்: Vivin.NL

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Google Play Comments

Great on stock note 2, 4.1.1Works Great! The only issue is I have to turn OFF the option that prevents the wake up straight after lock issue on 4.0.4+ strangely for this to work properly. With the option ticked or unticked, the screen will lock properly, but in wakeup, the screen immediately locks itself again if I have that option ticked. Otherwise no complaints at all!
Well doneAfter updated, the pop up problem fixed. But sometime, after screen off, the screen turn on with white light at dark environment, it drain my phone battery very fast... hope can fix it as soon as possible. Thank you. Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Handy for Cycling.I use a Note 2 on my bike. I bring up various GPS programmes to navigate using Svoice through bluetooth headphones. Svoice can open apps but not widgits. I cant easily use the screen off button as the phone is in a waterproof protector. I cant touch a screen widgit as Im wearing gloves. And Svoice cant natively turn off the screen. But it can open this app and so now it can close the screen :)

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