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May 24, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.3
Rating: 38

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Screen lock


Screen lock Description

It is application "screen Locke" is starting other application, and to invalidate touch movement.
・ It prevents other pages from being seen when they show a person an email and an image
・ Without making sleep; a bag pocket
・ I prevent malfunction when I keep on having let you display a screen
I am helpful in the situation.
I can use a password, but there are not many meanings because it is not application for security.
It is application of the degree to prevent you from being seen in friends.
※ Something is wrong with the initial setting, and please set it after classifying a check into all check box in a setting window once in the first time.
※ It is going to allow you to choose the image among an SD card in future.

In the state that founded an image and an email screen, it starts by any of the following method.
・ I register application with notificationbar It starts once and pushes and holds a home button for a few seconds just before that
・ Start from other application
It changes in a setting window by "setting" from a menu and finishes application by "the end"
The setting contents are reflected at the time of the setting window end.

・ I display a confirm dialog at the end
When I chose "the end" when I turn on a check, I display a confirm dialog.
・ I use a password
It prevents application from being finished when I do not input a password.
・ Setting of the password
I set eight columns of passwords. (initial value 0000)
・ I display an image
An image is displayed at the touch position.
・ I choose an image
I choose the image at the time of the touch.
・ It is stationed
I enroll in notificationbar. I can cancel it with 1 tap to treat it as a notice.
・ Permanent residence icon indication
I hide an icon of notificationbar.

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This thing is crap. Dont download it. It wreks your phone! !!!! 
Three words; penis apple cornflakes. 

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