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Jan 18, 2011
2.1 and up
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Samsung Galaxy S radio widget


Samsung Galaxy S radio widget Description

This is a widget to control the FM radio of the Samsung Galaxy S phone. The widget does not require the FM radio application to be working in the background.

This widget is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S INTERNATIONAL VERSION (I-9000).

DOES NOT WORK on Fascinate, Captivate, Vibrant, Epic. Those customized versions of the phone have the FM tuner either disabled in software or hardware. I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about it. I've spent a lot of my time coding and reading xda forums but no luck :(

Usage guidelines:
1. The widget (as well as the original FM radio application) requires the earphones to be plugged in to receive radio broadcast.
2. On the first run of the widget, the user has to select the region (Europe/USA/Japan) for frequency settings. This is done by tapping the widget surface left from the play button. The preferences can also be set (for the first time and modified afterwards) from the launcher, but only when at least one radio widget is present on the home screen.
3. In order to receive radio broadcast, the radio needs to scan for available channels first. This can be done anytime when the radio is not playing by tapping the widget surface left from the play button. This operation needs to be repeated every time the phone is restarted, it can also be repeated in order to find new radio channels.

Please send feedback (any problems or suggestions).

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Google Play Comments

Works greatDoes what it says. Ignore the reviewers who didn't read the description. A someone else said, 5th star would be for 'favorites' function. Also would love a button to open the fm app.
Favourites buttonsAwesome widget, would be made a lot better by adding just 3 favourites buttons, maybe in the bottom left quarter.
Samsung Galaxy S3Dear all, I've just installed the app on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 however the following error message appears: “At least one radio widget must be present on home screen in order to configure the location setting”. I've put the app on the home page and even I've put the standar FM radio app in the home page of the S3 but still the error message appears Any idea to solve the problem ? Do anyone know if this app is able to switch on the local FM radio frequency if the mobile change its position ? Thanks

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