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Sep 27, 2011
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Sahih Muslim (Indonesian) Lite


Sahih Muslim (Indonesian) Lite Description

★★★ The book is with Malay translation ★★★

★ Sahih Muslim is one of the Six major collections of the hadith, oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. It is the second most authentic hadith collection after Sahih Al-Bukhari, and is highly acclaimed by Muslims. It was collected by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, also known as Imam Muslim. Sahih translates as authentic or correct.

★ Imam Muslim (Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj) was born in 202 AH in Naysabur, Iran into a Persian family (817/818CE) and died in 261AH (874/875CE) also in Nishapur. He traveled widely to gather his collection of ahadith (plural of hadith), including to Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Egypt. Out of 300,000 hadith which he evaluated, approximately 4,000 were extracted for inclusion into his collection based on stringent acceptance criteria. Each report in his collection was checked and the veracity of the chain of reporters was painstakingly established. Sunni Muslims consider it the second most authentic hadith collection, after Sahih Bukhari.

★ App Features:
✓ Complete Book
✓ The book includes Hadeeth on different topics
✓ Hadiths are are sorted and index for easy selection and reading
✓ Customize option for Font size and text color
✓ Back Ground color change option
✓ Full Screen Mode option
✓ Auto bookmark option

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