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May 24, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 2.7
Rating: 3

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SAFE Antivirus Android


SAFE Antivirus Android Description

Safe antivirus Android, this is the world's lowest priced antivirus and keylogger detector in the world! Safe antivirus android for android lets you do the following:> On-demand scan
> Anti-virus, anti-Trojan, anti-spyware
> Real-time protection
> Detect Keylogger apps
> Extract Applications having dangerous permissions
> Inapp Functionality to delete applicationGreat for Samsung Galaxy 4S and all other devices.No autoscan so your battery is not drained. Scan your device and all threats and all warnings appear. Check the warnings, scroll the apps that have warnings or threats and the app processes are all listed. Then you can remove the threats or warnings.Worried you may have a keylogger on your device? Use our product to find the threat.We offer big name protection for low price.This is an ad free product.This security app was created for android by android programmers. For the low price don't be chumps- if you can't afford this security app then throw your device away. No other security app on the market is worthy. You willing to pay over $10 for a big name security app created by PC programmers? Throw your android device away if that's you. Get with the Android wave and purchase- that means pay for- the lowest priced security app in the world. All you chumps who load the app then cancel the payment are pathetic, if you can't afford the keylogger detection of the century for the price bury the device. Priced low to allow all android users the benefits of top notch security AND keylogger detection. peace.

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