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Jul 06, 2011
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Runner's World SmartCoach


Runner's World SmartCoach Description

SmartCoach creates intelligent training plans, just for you.

** Half-Price Launch Sale. Regularly $1.99 **

Looking for a training plan, customized to your individual running ability, that will have you in top shape for your next race? Whether you are a beginner just looking to finish or a veteran looking to run your fastest time ever, Runner's World SmartCoach can help. The Runner's World SmartCoach is an Android app that combines science, mathematics, and 40 years of collective running wisdom to bring you a proven, individualized training program. You can use it to generate training plans for races from the 5-K to the marathon.

With SmartCoach, you can:
- Answer a few short questions and receive a training plan tailored to your current fitness level.
- Generate training plans for these race distances: 5-K, 8-K, 5 miles, 10-K, 15-K, 10 miles, 20-K, half-marathon, and marathon.
- Create a training plan as long as 16 weeks in duration.
- View your workouts a day or a week at a time.
- Select your training distances to display in either miles or kilometers.
- Create or view your training plan without a 3G or wi-fi connection.

The full version of SmartCoach allows you to:
- Enjoy an advertisement-free experience.
- E-mail your training plan to others.
- Print your training plan.
- Receive special offers and discounts available only to owners of the full version.

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Google Play Comments

I have used the Smart Coach app on my iPhone for 2 years without a problem. I payed for this version based on my previous experience only to get to the settings screen and it will not go past there to go e me a training plan, it just sits there. I am using an HTC Vivid now...
I can't even access the program now. It locks up my phone every time I try. I world have hoped to see RW affiliated with a solid program, especially since there is a fee to join the loaded website version. Endomondo is still my favorite.
Put in all my information and hit get my plan and it never passes that screen do not buy if you have a galaxy nexus

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