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Sep 07, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 3.4
Rating: 18

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RR File Locker LITE


RR File Locker LITE Description

File privacy and security for your Android Device is here!

RR File Locker LITE is a fully functional version of RR File Locker, except that it will only hold 3 files. If you wish to keep more than 3 files secured, check out the full version of RR File Locker.

RR File Locker provides a secure, private virtual data vault for sensitive information. You can secure any file types on your android device with RR File Locker: pictures, videos, text documents, mp3s, office documents, you name it. If it's a file, RR File Locker can secure it.

Unlike other file privacy applications, RR File Locker does more than just hide and rename files. All files moved into the Locker are encrypted with 56 bit modified RC4 encryption. Files moved to the Locker will be invisible and inaccessible to other applications, including applications with root or superuser access. This app is not compatible with Truecrypt stores.

NO EXTRA PERMISSIONS! The only permission that RR File Locker needs is "MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS". This permission is needed so that RR File Locker can read and write the files you want to encrypt. No need for internet access, reading your phone state, contacts, instant messages, etc. so you don't have to worry about ads or privacy.

Want to lock up more than 3 files? Search for RR File Locker in the Android Market.

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Google Play Comments

True security-both encryption and file obscurationI have two criteria for this kind of app: (1) encrypt the files so that a simple change of the extension does not make them playable and (2) change the file name (not just the extension) so that the filename does not give away the subject matter. It is surprising how many apps don't encrypt or do encrypt but leave the filename unchanged. This is one of the few that encrypts and hides the file name. Moreover, unlike Super Vault, I can specify a location on my external sd card. I tried over a dozen of these types of apps. This is the only one that has full security and the ability to store on an external sd card. I'm off to buy the full version.
Can't save the file changes after opening the encrypted text file.Try a few text file editors. Neither can save the changes.
Hector L.
Good appHighly Recommended App work great. I like how this work and ease

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