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Sep 08, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 65

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Reverse Tether


Reverse Tether Description

ReverseTether allows you to access your computer's internet connection on your device via USB, thus, reverse tethering. It's the first and only app of its kind on the Market, no other app does such a thing.
This app may be useful for you if:
- if you don't have a mobile data plan.
- if you have a limited plan and would like to spare your bytes and money whenever you're at home/work/school.
- if you're roaming and would like to avoid roaming data charges.
- if you prefer speed and want an internet that is faster* than any wifi/3g/4g/lte. (*as fast as your modem)
- if you don't have access to wifi / don't need wifi just for your device.
- if you don't trust the security/privacy of your wifi network.
- if your wifi connection is weak, slow or keeps disconnecting.
- if you're sick of eating terrible food at burger places just for wifi access.
- if you would like to access your local network from your device for backups or storage.Basically, since you're already connected to usb to recharge or sync, why not also have a super fast, unlimited, secure internet connection for no additional charges, for whatever reason, like sync your mail, contacts or calendars, download and update apps, pre-cache maps, use online-only apps/games, etc...Key features:
- You'll be able to connect to the internet via USB with a single click. No advanced skills required whatsoever.
- The connection will appear on your device as 3G so that all apps including Market function seamlessly as if you're actually connected to 3G.
- It will first guide you in 2 easy steps to setup your computer for it to work.
- No pc-side software installation is needed at all.
- It provides an option to automatically connect as soon as you plug in USB.
- To disconnect, simply unplug USB. To connect again, plug back USB. Voila. Easy.
- A manual configuration option is also available for advanced users.This app requires:
- A ROOTED android device
- A Tether option in your device.
- A desktop/laptop computer with your device drivers installed (and ability to edit Network Connections, no extra software needed)
- An internet connection
- Patience - a connection may take a few seconds to a few minutes to get established, since there's no direct way to do it but through this trick.All app permissions are only needed to establish the connection.Note that this App was not tested on all android devices and might not work on yours, depending on your manufacturer, your carrier's restrictions, your device's configuration or whatnot. Please consider first trying the TRIAL edition (also available on Market), before purchasing or leaving a bad review. And please discard negative reviews from users whose devices are limited in such a way and don't bother to read this description.

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Google Play Comments

Works! Cloaked as WIFI possible?After last update got it to work! I admit I only tried for like 10-15 minutes the first time. Would it be possible to have the connection look like WIFI rather than 3G? I have many apps set to WIFI only so it would be better.
Internet browsing works, whatsap works, most other apps don't work. 
Not working for me sony x10Wasted a lot of time after trial period stop, i brouggt the app, then could not get it to work. Carnt be botherd for fucking around thats the authers job. Who isent it working tel me tht .

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