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Nov 04, 2013
2.3 and up
Avg. score: 3.2
Rating: 27

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Red Wing Ikaro Racing


Red Wing Ikaro Racing Description

With Red Wing (Ikaro) Racing you are the pilot of high performance airplanes racing for life at low altitude against a fleet of colorful peers in a breathtaking scenario, working your way from apprentice to full-fledged ace pilot.

To download the game assets we recommend using a WI-FI connection.

Enjoy and explore the magnificent scenario of the city with all its skyscrapers,
fly at low altitude over the water of a calm laguna at dusk, enjoy the beauty of an Arizona canyon under the noon sun.

The airplanes are designed with great care for the details, cameras from all directions will make you experience the emotion of flight in a way that you have never dreamed of.
The camera views during and after the game session highlight the inherent beauty of the surroundings creating a truly immersive experience.

Every session of the game is fully recorded, the player can go back and watch its performance and that of other players from many different view angles, the perfect game for the family entertainment.

Featuring :
22 Different racing tracks
6 High performance racing airplanes
5 Amazing scenarios from desert canyons to oceanic island, from mountains to modern cities
Championship mode & Fast Race
Time Racing Mode on every track
Record & Save Races
Multiple point of view cameras selection
Different flying modes
Different daylight & weather conditions

Red Wing Ikaro Racing is optimized for Tegra 2 & 3 Devices

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