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Oct 29, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 75

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Record Calls - Call Recorder


Record Calls - Call Recorder Description

Records the outgoing calls you want on all phone models.
✓ The *only* working call-recorder on the android market.
✓ BEST VOICE RECORDING QUALITY (you and the other party as well)
✓ Record calls - Records an outgoing call through the app's dialer.
✓ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it does not work for you!
✓ WORKS ON ANY PHONE, excellent audio quality. (Including: samsung galaxy, HTC evo hero, dream, tattoo, inpire, tablets, sony ericsson xperia x10 / 12, anzu and pro, wildfire and desire, motorola droid, sony ericsson, LG and all others)
✓ Does not use your speakerphone, records voice at the telephony level, supports bluetooth. Simple and Efficient.
✓ Sends the recording .mp3 to your e-mail box.
✓ "Record My Call" and others do not work on most phones. This application does work on all phones.

• This app is *not free*. It includes 1 free call up to 1 minute long. Purchase additional minutes for 10¢/minute.
• Currently for U.S. and Canada based phones only.
• Does not record incoming calls (you can always say "let me call you back in a second").

Excellent technical support at

While there are many applications called "call recorder" on the market, most of them either does not work, claim to work on only few phone models, or record the audio coming from your speaker phone, which result in very poor recording of the other party.

This application is the real deal.

The application dials to our service, which dials to the other party, showing your phone number as the caller ID.
The service then records the call at the *telephony level*, and sends a very high-quality recording straight to your email box.

By downloading this application you agree to the terms and conditions here:

Permissions explained:
CALL_PHONE - To make the recorded phone call.
GET_ACCOUNTS - To send the recording to your account.
RECEIVE_SMS - One time registration process sends you an SMS for verification.
INTERNET - Connects to the recording servers.
READ_CONTACTS - Allows selecting a contact to call from your contact list.
BILLING - Enables purchase of additional minutes.
READ_PHONE_STATE - Know when the recorded call is over.
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Know which U.S. state you are in.

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November 9, 2012
Two thumbs up 
Worth the 10¢/minute! Esp. compared to all the other ones I tried!I tried A LOT of phone call conversation recorder apps before this one, because I had an important phone meeting coming up and needed something consistently reliable and high quality. This app is it. Since it doesn't try to record the conversation through the phone itself, there are no phone model bugs and b.s. to deal with. It just works. YOU have to make the call in order to record it, but that was easy- they called me, and I simply rejected the call & called them back immediately.
A great app, but...I do wish there was a way to record incoming calls too. I realize the way it works though and there's really no way the dev could bill an incoming call, unless there was an efficient way of intercepting it. Having said that, it's billed per minute and it could get very expensive if you wanted to record a lot of long calls, but it's perfect for my needs. The recordings are crystal clear, and emailed promptly. Not a problem yet. A very good system. Also, any good app is worth paying for. The dev eats too!!

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