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Apr 09, 2013
1.5 and up
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Rapid Report for Storm Chasers


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Rapid Report allows you to report Severe Weather to Facebook, Twitter, Twitpic, SpotterNetwork and your ChaserTV iMap account with minimal clicks and typing. When a tornado or large hail is dropping you don't have time to form a lengthy report. This app let's you choose from setup lists for Tornadoes, Hail, etc and add your own customized text to quickly post a picture or text status to Facebook, Twitter and/or iMapTracker. Drive users to your Live Streaming site or Media Broker for faster action and a more informed public! If you've ever fumbled getting a report out when the chips are down this is the app for you! Because sometimes weather happens and you don't have all your streaming equipment. Get reports out fast with just your Android phone. You do not need to be actively streaming at the time. This app works independent of what your streaming status is.Don't forget to get the companion app Chaser Location to automatically do the work of the SN client and CTV client from your Android phone! See also SPC Widget and Hail Scale android apps.Press the t Setup button to setup Twitter access one time and then you're good to go!Test out the ChaserTV iMap features by setting to Demo in preferences and see your test reports at: Settings add your SpotterNetwork Spotter ID to the setting menu. Be sure to add your encoded number/characters, not your Name or Callsign.SpotterNetwork Reporting is available by pressing the upper-right hand SpotterNetwork button and then logging in with Cookies enabled in the Android browser. When done once, this button will take you to the SN Reports page with your location filled in automatically.Troubleshooting tip: If you are having trouble logging into Facebook, try this. Uninstall your FB app. Then launch Rapid Report and press the FB login button. Go through the prompts to install a new version of the FB app. This should resolve your problem. There was a bug with older version of the FB app that caused this.2012 All Rights Reserved - Apexice
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